Monday, December 27, 2010

Whats Up?!

Well, the end is getting nearer.  In few days we will leave behind 2010.  The dawning of 2011 is almost at the horizon.  So, its almost like a cliche but, people will still ask this question - whats your new year resolution? Each coming new year there will be confessions made by the people who are in the aware of the going on in this world, so as to tell the world and to convince  their senses that the awareness of one's social obligation like declaring one's self resolution is a must that one must without fail do and redo each year.  Come to think of it, how many new year resolutions have you made? As many as your birthday party?

I am thinking loudly now- the new year resolution is the only, repeat, the only politically correct thing to do e-ve-ry year.  Don't you think?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Love Letter

Dearest love of my life,

You must have been wondering all the time of my whereabouts.  For I have been keeping silent all this while.  I have been away, my dearest friend.  So far away that it is just impossible for me to send you my words.  I have been talking to the sun, to the moon, to the wind and to the rain.  Whispering at night to the great owl my words of longings for you.  If you only know how much I have been missing you, of how much I want to be near you, of how much my heart cries for you even the weeping willow will become envious of my tears, dearest one.  I am staying away as far as I possibly can, away from you dearest one as I am so fearful of my overwhelming love for you might take over my sensibility and good judgement of myself and the world I am living in.  But, I know of some saying which say that not to be crazy is not to be in love.  For one who is in love will not think, he will only feel.  I fear this feelings, dearest one.  Truly am fearful of its empowering influence over my being.  Can one love so much and stay sane.  Where is sanity when one is in love.  Why is this love so a mystery.  It only makes the mind and body helpless and at the mercy of the loved one.  I have seen the moon, it didn't shine its brightest when you are not nearby.  I have felt in my heart that my heart won't be at peace unless you are present.  How long can this affairs of the heart find its consolation.  Till the end of time...?

Until then, dearest one.

W.W. Willow

Pursue of Happiness

So many articles and various kind of write-ups have been composed to describe the meaning and the purpose on the pursue of happiness.  It will be re-written over and over time again.  No doubt about that.

You will be wondering how can you reach your goal of getting to your happiness, the word happiness which is so fuzzy to the eyes, blurring the vision like walking in the rain.  Your hands will try to reach out to it.  Your legs will want to walk to it.  Your heart will always desire it.  Your eyes are always on the look out for it.  Your ears will make your head bend towards it.  Your whole body will shiver in excitement wanting so much to be near it.  But, where is that happiness?  Where does it stay?  Who has ever been successful in finding it?  How long will you go on an adventure before you meet it?  All these questions will play over and over again in your mind and your head over a long long period of time, if you do not know what happiness is.

What is it about? What's happiness all about?  It's all in your heart, people.  Right in the middle of your body.  It stays there since the beginning of your creation until the day you discover it.  It's all about your journey towards the discovery of your happiness.  What in one's heart is what is life's outcome will be.  It's all about having and living a good life, to you.  It is how you understand it in your own language together with those who share and speak your language.  It's all up to you to discover it.  Its mystery lies within you.

You just need to sit quietly and listen to your inner self, to your blood flowing, to your breath moving in and out, and to your own tears when it come down rolling on your cheeks.  Listen to your self when its talking to you.  Just sit quietly.  Decide to live a good life.  Decide to live your life in your own way while conforming to universal decency.  For you cannot have  a good live when you are not decent with other human beings.

Yes, the pursue of happiness is a pursue to live a good life.  The key to live a good life is to have a good heart.  The heart is what one must care diligently and with love and kindness.  Writing this has brought my mind to these words :

"As is a tale, so is life: not know how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters."

This is an ancient quote which I picked from J.K.Rowling's speech titled 'The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination', a speech given at Harvard University Commencement in June 5, 2008.

Such is the greatness of the power of the heart, it dominates and influence the mind of oneself in understanding the meaning of what is the good of life and in the good of life is where one find one's happiness.  It is true, if you are to say that life is not a one way street that it has many faces, but, those are only elements which only add color to your living the life and the doings of life.  The heart will guide you to where to find the good in living.

Ponder one must, for in it the mind assesses the writings on the wall.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sun Is Gone

I will share with you people this time on the topic of love has died. This is a real situation where one of the party is trying to make an exit but do not want to tell you outright.  Something like making a quiet exit.  The best method of getting out of a relationship using the 'quiet exit' way is by killing the love softly. Doing it in a subtle way.  Unnoticed at first but, later, it become obvious, slowly it will surface, the disappearance that is almost unnoticed by the one who is to be left behind. 

The trick is, not to even utter a word about exiting.  Just play with the  game but in a less frequent manner.  Pick and choose when to meet and when to make that slow disappearance. Your partner will soon realized that something is not right.  She/he will feel certain degree of emptiness and coldness from your act.  However, she/he cannot put her/his finger on it.  She/he can't be certain of what's going on.  That's the next advancement, people.  Leave him/her confuse.  Then afterwards, the goodbye part will be much easier.  Because, chances are, she/he the one who will say the goodbye thingy.  Got it.  Clever move, right.  But, you must be a very cold-hearted person to do it that way.  It is indeed a nasty and wicked way of handling a farewell to someone whom you must have loved at certain time and, to not be able to face and own-up to your act may catch up with you later in life, that is, other people will recognize this bad trade of yours and the stigma is this, you  are a "fake", a "plastic" hence, not real.  Big risk to gamble a reputation.

Sad.  But, to the one who is being treated this way, my best advice is, to learn your lesson well.  Do your bit on the crying department, if that can save you from grieving.  Let the sky fall if you must.  So long as you can get over it.  I know, it is not easy.  Particularly if, he/she was in the category of "soulmate" "true love" kind of relationship, yes?  Find your way to get over it.  Listened to all those sad love songs.  Make a special play list , in fact, that will do you good.  Well, do not be disheartened by all this.  You will survive the ordeal at the end of it.  So, cheer up people. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ustaz, The Moody or The Old n Wise

A friend of mine has been consulting me for months now regarding her options in her love life - a platonic love life that is.  She is in a constant turmoil on her love-friendly relationships with her two maybe three prospective candidates.  We are at the stage of making a u-turn on the whole affairs.  Meaning, she and I are planning her wedding reception first rather than giving our focus to the ways on how to catch the right guy.  The first priority seems to be the songs to be sang at her wedding reception.  There are six songs, I have been chosen to sing four out of that six songs.  And the best and thrilling part is, I  must sing all those four songs with a partner who happen to be my Facebook buddy.  Well, he has no choice but to go along with such request.  No option was offered to him. My dear buddy is like a sitting duck, being there accepting my request without even uttering a single word.  Such a nice and well behaved boy-friend...  Laugh out loud people. 

Of course my dear friend has also planned on the ambience and the colour theme of her wedding reception and the venue plus the menu even the exact time when I should sing and when I should be having my nasi beriani and my sirap bandung.  Oh! and she also planned that a very very nice and comfy tent must be erected complete with a sofa and a coffee table where she will be positioned with her beau sitting there watching me singing with my poor buddy and she will be nibling on her nice chocolate cookies and teh tarik.  Hahaha.... How nice feeling, I can visualise how harmony and tranquil her wedding will be. Sigh.... bring in tears of happiness to me.  Have I described everything here?  One more thing, most important, that is the kompang.  The kompang must play two songs to follow my dear friend from the beginning of her parade till she reaches the main tent with that nice fluffy comfy sofa.  The parade will be at the minimum of ten minutes journey.  A must this event people.  The wedding is not complete and perfect without this traditional most significant musical instrument at play and display.  Sigh, again.  Simply going to be a wonderful wedding of the year, people.  Absolutely well planned.

So, all things are planned as what it should be and must be finalised in two years time.  Mobilisation has started since several weeks ago.  Now, she and I are about to embark on the serious business.  That is, getting and choosing the right candidate.  There happen to be three potential candidates at the moment.  However, the building of the relationships from mere friend to a lover status has been quite a challenge.  Well, it looks like I must continue this part in my next post people.  Gathering of more substantive information is crucial at the moment as I must give my dearest friend a solid end result.  So, stay tuned people.  Don't stray too far away.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

Someone dedicated me a sad love song sung by Patti Smyth and Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough - it gave me many different volumes of emotions.  Mostly sadness that I felt.  And, I wondered why he gave me that song.  I have been listening to it for many days now.  Trying my best to understand the  underlying meaning of the lyrics and how it relates to me and my being in  a sentimental relationship with him.  It was not an easy discovery for me.  Because, I am not sure of his feelings toward me.  I tried to figure out the true meaning and I even search the nets to get some professional help...sigh.

I found that the most logical and realistic meaning would be that "sometimes love isn't enough"  mirror the relationship of two people where there have to be more than love for it to work out. I would say trust is equally or even more vital than love. There are other little things that a relationship need to make things work between them. All those little little things which do not cost you gold or diamonds.
Perhaps to some, having common interests and living individual lives could bring more happiness, or the timing and circumstances of a situation would bring happiness that can overcome love.   I pondered upon the lyrics for hours, while listening to the song.  It gave me such forlorn-ness.  The lyrics, as you can see below:

Now, I don't want to lose you,
but I don't want to use you,
just to have somebody by my side.

And I don't want to hate you,
I don't want to take you,
but I don't want to be the one to cry.

And that don't really matter to anyone anymore.
But like a fool I keep losing my place
and I keep seeing you walk through that door.
But there's a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust.
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just ain't enough.

Now, I could never change you
I don't want to blame you.
Baby, you don't have to take the fall.

Yes, I may have hurt you,
but I did not desert you.
Maybe I just want to have it all.

It makes a sound like thunder
it makes me feel like rain.
And like a fool who will never see the truth,
I keep thinking somethings gonna change.
And there's no way home
when it's late at night and you're all alone.
Are there things that you wanted to say?
And do you feel me beside you in your bed,
there beside you, where I used to lay?

And there's a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it's sad when you know it's your heart they can't touch.
There's a reason why people don't stay who they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just ain't enough.

Baby, sometimes, love... it just ain't enough. Oh, Oh, Oh, No

are full of words of sadness about the feelings of two persons in love, perhaps, but something is not right between them of which we are not told about.  But, to apply these lyrics to my situation, whom I suspect that he is someone who has some sort of affection towards me but is yet to express it loudly.  Perhaps the feelings are mutual but one can never tell.  So much in certain measures of feelings but so unsure of the gravity of it to tell the whole wide world about it.  I am thinking that distance is a major factor contributing to this difficult connection.  I firmly believe that this is not a puppy love situation.

Why must I pay attention to this dedication of just a song, right?  That's the point, why must a man simply send just a song to a woman?  There is always a reason for anything that happens in this world.   There is always reason why we do some things or say something.  Either directly or through a medium.  A song is a medium for us to express our feelings and thoughts to the people out there.  We express our being and our feelings and what we have in our mind popularly through songs in this highly technological era.  

But, my guessing on the meaning of this song may not be correct in a sense that he may be telling me to let go and move on with my life.   Confusion in love is the easiest thing to happen.  But words alone to help ease the confusion may not work well when one deals with love.  It has got to be more than words.  That is why, there are many love songs that talk about more than words.  You just can hear about more than words everywhere all over the world.  In your world, in my world.

I still wonder, what and why he sent me the song.  What is the message he is trying to tell.  Whatever it is, I am already overwhelmed by sadness just by listening to the song.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The worst stage in one's life will be the failure of oneself to achieve the union of one's love as the apex of success in love and in showing the world of one's precious of the heart.  It has been said that to know love one must knew pain.  But some say love is pain.  It has been said in a popular song that the purest of pain is love indeed.  How can one describe pain is love and love is pain.  It intertwined and it is an indescribable pain.  How could one believe this notion of pain and love as two in one.  Must one  posses when one loved?  Must love comes with possession?  But some say to love truly is to let go and if the loved one returns he belongs to you.  Some even said that to be loved and to love are miracles.  Something so unbelievably special to the heart and the emotion that one just could not tell it in the most right words.  That one need to express that feelings through touch and senses. Words will no longer fulfill the needs of love.  Is that true?  I am very inclined to believe it is so.

It's All For Love

Scene 1

About three weeks ago, in the master bedroom on the bed, husband and wife busy reading serious stuff.  Husband with thick important book, while the wife with the all important magazine of all time.  Suddenly, the wife asked the husband a question.  Honey, she said.  Yes....., replied the husband. I've been thinking lately, she continued.  Hmmm....., replied the husband.  I'm thinking of smoking cigarette.  What you think?, she asked.  He said, Love, I quit smoking years ago.  And, I did it just like that.  I told my brain that I want to quit and I quit.  Its like mental game to me dear.  I wanted to test my mental strength, and there it was, a simple and easy quit. Besides, next you will be thinking of the brand,  he smiled at her.  And she said smiling back to him, oh well, there's no point then to start smoking.  And, they continued their reading.

Scene 2
Last night.  Both husband and wife sitting in the living room together and as usual both were holding the all important book and magazine as if these are the ever important factor in their life.  Suddenly the wife asked the husband while flipping through her magazine.  Honey....., she said.  Hmmm....., replied the husband.  I've been thinking you know, she continued.  Yes....., he answered , still reading with intent.  I'm thinking of smoking cigar, she blurted the words.  He changed position and thinking to himself, this is the uttermost important chapter I'm reading now.  And he replied, love, cigar is expensive. Why not try the rokok daun or chew the sireh, it' cheaper besides, it's good for cross-examination...!  He looked at her with wide eyes.  She looked back at him with blinking eyes, and, suddenly she laughed.  A hilarious laughter.  After few seconds she stopped laughing and said, I knew it that you loved me that much for you to give me such answer!  And, he responded well to that laughter and, they started to talk about old times.

Why am I writing about these two scenes people?  To show to you all the need to communicate freely to your loved one and to be able to relate with your partner in honesty and sincerity with whatever things that cropped-up in your mind no matter how mundane it can be.  And, in so doing, you are also testing the level of patience your spouse has towards you.  How well your partner gave his/her response to your mundane query, will depend on how strong your relationship with him/her that you both have built thus far.   This is an important element in building a healthy relationship, people.   Open and free flowing reasonable line of communication is most important.  Without it, life can be miserable.  Imagine living a life with someone who cannot relate and respond to you positively.  It is a torture indeed.  This is the first part.

The second part will be that the husband as in the above case must be quick to detect the cause for the wife to ask questions like that to him.  And to ask it within short period of time.  There must be something going on in her mind, right?  Yes, something is definitely building inside.  She may be bored with her daily routines.  She may not be getting enough attention from her husband.  She may need more actions from her husband. She may be revealing her secret desires to him in coded words.   All these are potential reasons.  Her husband just need to be more attentive and sensitive to her needs and start paying attention.  If things are left without being rectified, other kinds of emotional imbalance might arise like for example, seeds of doubt about her husband's feelings and love towards her.  As such is the situation, open communication must be the trait in your marriage life, all throughout the relationship.

What is it that makes two different individuals stay together in a relationship and bear with each other eccentricities? I would say, LOVE.  Love is the reason for it.  All kinds of hardships, sadness, troubles and tests are bearable so long there is love that glued both of them together.  Love brings togetherness.  Togetherness brings  understanding.  Understanding brings peace.

Remember people, it's all for love.  Don't leave home without it!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fragrant Garden

Hi people!!  Its been a while now since last we met.  September has left us, and, October is here to stay.  Yes, autumn we welcome you. In this season one is reminded of spring and summer.  How wonderful are those seasons bask with colours and sweet smells everywhere.

Almost one can sense the intoxicating sweet rare perfume,  secret promises from the secret admirer. 

It is like a fragrant garden fills with roses, jasmines, carmelias, honeysuckles, magnolias and vanillas, lavenders and ylang ylang, sakuras and apple blooms and orange blossoms that make one feels almost being showered with mixtures of thousand fragrances from thousand blooms... ahhh... so divine is such a place if one can languish in it even for a minute.

A fragrant garden is where we want to be.  A place so beautifully graced with beautiful colours like rainbow and scented to the core from down below up to the sky, surrounded endlessly by the sweet musky scent then followed by the uninvited guests - the bees and the butterflies and the hummingbirds and the couple in love.  Always the picture of the blue sky embroidered with the white fluffy clouds.  There are days where rain might fall but of course, the sky will be brighten again with the sun come smiling to earth.

Such is the heart of a being at peace with himself.  Such is the heart of a woman in love.  Such is the picture of two persons in love with each other and at peace with themselves.  Such is the heart of a knowing man of the true meaning of life.  What is a life of a human being without the beauty of a fragrant garden in his heart.  Why must anyone wonder what life is with all its mundane and cruel bits of events which eventually will become so meaningless for it concerns only material gain and loss.  Strive for the beauty of the fragrant garden.  Walk the road to the journey of your life towards the fragrant garden.  The fragrant garden of your heart is the centerpiece of your meaning in this planet and your meaning in comprehending your being with the other beings.  Lets not abandoned the fragrant garden.  For abandoning the good of life is like killing humanity itself.  It has been said that life is dead when the sun is not shining again in the garden.  Alas, life is ended when love has died.

As has been said ...

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring. ~~ Oscar Wilde"  ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Four Seasons

This new season of fall is a busy time for my sisters back in France and England.  Its the new school semester for their children, and so, busy time but with some free time early of the day for them too.  I want to talk about family ties and how that fact can influence and affect one's marriage. 

My two sisters have been a great influence in my life both at younger age and as an adult.  They grew up around me and my life was timetabled around them.  They exist because I was around, that's how closed we were to each other.  I am the eldest girl.  So, naturally, I took care of my sisters when they were little.  I was like a mother to them apart from being an elder sister.  That's how I was regarded at least during the times when our parents were away.  And, they were away most of the time.  My youngest sister, the one who resides in England at the moment, is the most attached to me when she was small girl.  She couldn't eat when  I was not around.  She will wait for me no matter how long it took.  And, my other sister who is now in France with her family, she and I are two of a kind.  We shared many things together.  She loved to read.  All heavy stuff, literature most of the time.  But, nowadays, she said she read mostly about economy and finance.  Still heavy stuff.  She read Pramoedya Ananta Toer novel, Keluarga Gerilya, when she was thirteen years old.  After she finished reading the novel she told me about it.  And I read that novel at fifteen, after she gave it to me.  I always considered my two sisters as smarter than me.  Both were brilliant students.  We were very closed that we shared everything down right to having baths together, the three of us, scrubbing each other's back, and shampooing each other's hair.  We slept in one bed and cooked together and sang together and I will play the guitar.  We will cry together when we were down about something or crying for our mother because we missed her so much.  We will protect and defend each other against any harsh or hostile people.  We kept our secrets amongst us never shared it even with closed cousins.  Of course, we had our quarrelled too.  But, we simply loved each other.  And, that love lives on till this day.

We never drifted apart from each other.  Even when we started to have boyfriends.  Except for my sister who is living in England now, she despised my boyfriend those times when I had one.  To her, my boyfriend took me away from her physically and mentally because, to her, I had to spare my time to the boyfriend and no more to her.  She took it very very badly, until the day I got married.  She refused to attend my wedding.  Hahh... still, I love her with all my heart.

This closed relationships between sisters, the kind that I have, is hard to erase or dilute or intrude by outsiders, even by spouses.  We had very strong memories, sweet, happy and sad together.  In bad times, especially, during our adult marriage life, we shared our grievances about our marital problems and talked it over for solution finding.  We opened up everything to each other.  Working on to find the weakness points in our selves and our strong points and talking to find ways to understand our own spouse.  There is always mutual respects amongst us towards each other's lifestyles and beliefs.  We are outright about our opinions to each other.  Sometimes, it hurt to hear the truth but that's how it is with my sisters and me.  We tell each others our mind and thoughts, in the hope to help each other to understand the situation that one is in and so, the best of solution can be found for the best interest of us as sisters.  We care about each others' well being and the happenings in our marriage life is a matter of interest to us all.

In fact, we know of each others' development, about our children and their successes and failures, whats the issues troubling youngsters nowadays, and for that matter, we encourage interaction between our kids.  So, that they are closed to each other.

Does this closed relationships amongst us sisters disrupt our relationship with our spouse or it gave negative influenced to our marriage and spouse?  No, it doesn't.  Unless, the spouse has a specific grudges towards any one of us then, our sisterly closed ties would be an unpleasant fact to him.  But, in our marriage, the spouses are fully aware of how closed we are with each other and they are also aware how much we would be missing each other if holidays are postponed or cancelled.  The awareness of spouses is due to the fact that we make it a point for them to know and understand our relationships as sisters and we told them stories of our life together.  This kind of understanding is crucial to build because, a marriage where a spouse cannot take or accept this kind of family ties, would slowly contribute to being a negative issue to be pick-up by the spouse during bad times.  As such, would be an unhealthy element in one's marriage.  Eliminating unhealthy elements is important for the positive growth of one's marriage.

I regard healthy siblings ties as a good ground for building lasting self-confidence and believed in one self and this strong ties are really helpful when one is in a marriage crisis where decision upon decision must be contemplated on and finally made.  I regard a strong sisterly ties like what I have is like four seasons coming and going each year, renewing its elements with the coming new season.  Giving one with a new perspective to ponder on, and  preparing one with new hopes and new views on life.  Giving one with a feeling of belonging-ness and root-ness.  What is life without a family beside you to give you unconditional love, till the day you die.

To my sisters, Bun and Tik, my love forever to both of you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

In My World

Muslims all over the world are about to celebrate one of the Muslims' celebration days -- Eid; it is a day of celebration after a full moon's of pure worships and fasting.  In the South East Asia region, the celebration is rather unique.  There will be specific types of food prepared and served to guests and these dishes can be similarly found in different parts of this region including in Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Singapore and Thailand.  And, in Malaysia, Eid will be celebrated for one month.  Nowadays, it is customary to have an open house during the whole month of Eid particularly, for those living in cities.  The majority of the kampung folks are still holding to old traditions in most parts of rural areas, where the first few days of Eid will be celebrated by visiting families and friends houses; as such, the atmosphere and feelings of "raya" can be felt truly. 

My best memories of Eid celebration have always been during my childhood times, perhaps even during my teenage age too.  Nowadays, those happiness in celebration would be for the children.  I still remember when I was a kid, visiting my grandmother's house and other grand-aunts houses, uncles, aunties and cousins, the environment and the feelings were so jovial, with lots and lots of different kinds of foods, sweet and savoury alike.  I remember the nice big cake with colorful icing on it put on the table at the middle as the "ibu kueh" meaning, the head of table.  The cake will stay in the middle of the table for at least a week.  Only after a week of display, can it be eaten.  And, the eating part of that cake is a ceremony, a noisy ceremony filled with laughter and  fun.

I don't know why, but, I feel that the taste of the food during my childhood time and today are different already.  I wonder, is it because of my age as an adult made me tasted food in different way now, but, i feel the food when I was a kid tasted so good.  The peanut gravy eaten together with ketupat- the rice cake cooked in young coconut leaves, tasted heavenly when I was little.  So was the beef rendang, the lemang, the almond cookies, the coconut cookies, the semperit and the dahlia cookies,  the kek gula hangus, the lengkong merah, even the red syrup drinks!   I guess, perhaps the memories what makes the taste of the foods still the best in my mind.  But, perhaps, because most of the food were cooked by my late great grandmother and grand-aunts.   So, that memories are attached in my mind like an elephant glue.

Such beautiful memories;  went to visit the houses all around the kampung with my brother and sisters and friends and cousins were the most joyous feelings at that time.   And, the pakciks and makciks were so courteous and kind and so patient when greeting and serving foods and drinks to us kids.  And, after eating, we will get some "duit raya" for twenty cents , during those times.  But, my father was the generous one in the kampung.  He gave fifty cents to the kapmung kids and one Ringgit to his nieces and nephews.  Those kampung kids will come every day to our grandma's house for a week just to get the fifty cents duit raya from my dad, and my dad would say to these kids that he remembered them from yesterday's visit and he will laugh and still will give the duit raya again. 

I love raya.  Because, I love visiting families and  friends and having the joy of spending time at their houses and eating good food.  And, I love when families and friends visit my home too for raya.  This is special time.  The foods taste better.  The laughter are more genuine.  The smiles are frequent.  The smells in the air are even different.  You can smell the aromas of foods everywhere and many different kinds of perfumes too.  And, the sights are beautiful too; colourful clothing's, colourful dishes, and colourful curtains and carpets too.

I simply love Eid in Malaysia!  There will be no other place in the world where you can find such merriment like this.  How I wish I am seven again...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heaven Knows

When you are feeling like there is no one standing on your side, when you are feeling there is no hope for you, when you are lost all alone in this cold and cruel world, there will be someone who suddenly appears before you just as if godsend to you.   Something like a preordained crossing of paths and there is the person, your saviour, your hope and perhaps, your dream comes true somebody. 

This phenomena can happen to anybody, people.  A dear friend of mine who suffers from a serious illness but recovered from it, thought that due to her illness she may not be able to find a life partner, ever.  She believed in that belief.  But, people, heaven knows better.  She met her soulmate one day.  Out from just no where, he came to her life.  She is living a happy life with her loved one.  A life that was unthinkable to her a year before.

Life is meaningful when we continue having hopes and dreams.  Such are the elements in pursue of happiness, people.  Because, what matters in the end is the sharing of life with your important someone who fills your heart, mind and soul perfectly in harmony and in full understanding of each other's needs, dos and don'ts and stay together till the end.  All other matters are just things outside your inner circle.  They are important but not as important as your own happiness. 

A relationship built on true love and wonderful friendship are built to last, people.  Lucky are those who have found this fountain of eternal love and eternal flame of love of a man and a woman.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yeah, here comes September again !  How time flies.  Many events happening in September. New events to venture into; old ones for reusing, recycling and discards.  Datelines to meet.  People to meet.  Business ventures to deal.  Properties to dispose - movable and not movable alike.   Anniversaries and birthdays too.  Maybe new place of work and new acquaintances too.  New life partner as well.  New frontiers too, to travel to beyond the horizon.

Time really flies.  And here we are, lingering still waiting for the season to change hoping quietly with the change of the season, we may be changed too.  Perfectly in tuned with the season.  Whatever and wherever you are people, stick to what you belong to.  Don't let go when time is good times.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking But Not Really Seeing

I read from somewhere that said " what you heard or said about  love are all the surface of the skin; because, the essence of love is the Unspoken Secret."  And this description is most applicable in a relationship between a husband and  wife.  After reading this statement, I asked myself, really?  Is that so ?  How can love between a man and a woman and for that matter between husband and wife can be so an unspoken secret?

You see people, I am all for secrets in relation to your marital interactive activities of you and your partner from the outside world or any third party.  But, to say generally like that,  that the essence or the real meaning of love is "unspoken secret", to me is like putting too much burden on love.  Okay, lets ask this question, what is the unspoken secret?  I think you know what I think is the answer.  Of course the reply will be, "Its an unspoken secret, so, any answer is forbidden."  I can laugh out loud people!  Seriously, come on...

Okay, lets be fair.  Lets re-read and think on the truest meaning and intention of such statement.  I think what the author was trying to say is,  love has many stories that you don't want others to know because it is private matters between husband and wife, the meaningful and the essential parts of course; so, the couple are expected to know through their guts feelings what the other partner is thinking and feeling and by the look of the eyes they can fathom and understood each other.  Is this the situation?  Who wants to live in this kind of relationship by the way?    When everything is unspoken secret.  What is the message, I wonder.  Why Asians love secrets so much.  Everything must be unspoken and must remain a secret.  Don't you think this is a burdensome relationship? 

I will support open communication and interaction environment for couple.  I promote honest and sincere heart to heart talk with your partner.  I  encourage easy and warm emotional understanding within your natural enclosure for a healthy marital development.  And, if your marriage to your partner is the best example to others within your circle of friends and society, why not share your secret of success with others !  Sharing knowledge for the good of others and beneficial to the people that we love, will bring more love and happiness to you.

I suppose, too much keeping things in the dark is not a wise move in a marital relationship or even between a man and a woman in a love relationship.  Honesty is a virtue.  True and meaningful love in its purest and most sincere state  must be relayed openly before, during and after.   The simplest philosophy would be, do things as honestly as possible so as to be fair to the other loved one.   For a man and a woman in love will do anything for his/her love.  And, will express it to show and tell her/him of such willingness.

People remember this -- Life is too beautiful to keep it a secret.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridge of Love

This is a beautiful romantic number from Harvey Malaiholo, I loved this song.  Good listening with the loved one.  That is, if you are building your marriage to blissful happiness.  Here are the lyrics : 

Remang malam duduk aku melamun... menekuri langkah yang telah kita tempuh... di hatiku masih melekat hatimu...  bila kita melabuhkan biduk cinta...  dermaga menanti bersama angin... dan aku disini merindu..... kita kan saling mengerti... aku pun hanya milikmu..   seutuhnya untukmu, takkan terpisah lagi sampai ke hujung dunia,  kasih hanyalah satu,  tuhan merestui cinta kita... kasih....

Celebrate the most meaningful things that matters to you people.  Do not hesitate and doubt.  Light the fire of union-ness between you and your loved one.  After all, what is life without living it with the one who fills your heart.  Its all about togetherness, belonging-ness and being with the one that you loved who fulfills your highest ideals of love -- an achievement indeed, people!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wishing On A Star

"I'm wishing on a star; To follow where you are; I'm wishing on a dream;  To follow what it means; And I wish on all the rainbows that I see; I wish on all the people who really dream; And I'm wishing on tomorrow, praying it'll comes; And I'm wishing on all the lovin' we've ever done; I never thought I'd see; A time when you would be; So far away from home; So far away from me" -- Rose Royce

Once in a while you may want to be by your own and ponder about the universe.  The sky is the most intriguing, most spectacular and the most attractive to one's eyes and soul.  The stars have always been my most favoured object of the universe.  It signifies hope and wishes that come true.  Night time is a time where the body and soul of a person take its time off to rest and to ponder on what has been done during the day time.  And, it is a time to make a wish.  A time to pray for the wish to come true.  This month is the month for Muslims to make prayers and wishes.  It is the spirit of the special month for the believers to succumb themselves to God and make their wishes and pray for it.  It has been said by many wise men that to be close to God is to observe nature and learned from it.    To be able to live with nature is the best way of life.  To learn from nature is the highest wisdom that is attainable by an honest soul that is so full of love and tenderness.

I am wishing on a star tonight.  I am making such wishing because I am praying for my star to come home and be near to me.  So that, my pondering towards the beauty of the universe and the time to learn from nature can be shared with my star. 

Together, the best of things can be made real - RR.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Invasion of ET -- The End


If you can recall my first posting on the ET article, I have come to the conclusion of my resolution that I made that fateful early morning.   Finally!  At lastWhat a relief to be able to throw away all the burden on your shoulder that have been there for how long you could not remember anymore.  The road to this final destination has been a long one people.  You cannot imagine how much energy time and materials were consumed to get to this end.  Focus is the element to help you in getting to your target point.  Apart from your own best behavior and good judgment.  Patience and  all the help that you can get from your closed friends and family members are another factor in you having a success in eliminating the relevant ET.  Eliminate! Stop cruelty to humanity and love!

The gist is to leave behind all bad auras that surround you.  You must open up your own positive and bright aura to enable you to move on ahead to the new you and the new world.
Be brave people.  The world is too beautiful to be left unexplored. 

You may want to go to Timbuktu and enjoy the beautiful scenery under the scorching sun.  You might find treasures there.  If it is destined to be people, it will be. 

We Found Love

I can't help myself over Paul Anka's song - Let Me Get To Know You -  so romantic and makes your heart melts.  If only the love of your life will dedicate it to you, I am sure it will make your day for the rest of the month, yes?! 

Okay, this is the part where I loved the most - love love love, we found love, together in each other , we found love....- don't you think the wordings simply beautiful.  Blissful feelings to be showered with love with this song at the background.... 

Isn't life beautiful ?

The Golden Trophy

I am feeling the blues today folks.  I just couldn't put my finger at what is it that I am looking for and why I am looking for it.  I am playing the mental game today.  To please myself perhaps.  Or, to hide away from the reality of the harsh and cruel world around me.  Wishing that the sunshine will blind my eyesight so that I don't have to see the view that I hate to see. The thing is, I am always wishing and wishing and hoping and hoping for the one matter that I have been dreaming of, all of my life. Yup, can see it now.  There it is, the golden trophy of my heart.

What exactly is that? The Golden Trophy?  That will be the love of your life, your soul mate, the one that you have been looking for to walk with you in the fields of gold.  Yes folks, LOVE again.  Come on people, essentially Love is what made this world goes around.  You simply cannot deny the gravity of importance that word Love brings.  Its everywhere in life.  Particularly, a paramount element in your marriage life.   

Question again?  What if your spouse is not your soul mate?  Just another he and she, you know the ordinary kind of relationship.  Good if you can define the type of relationship that you are in right now.  It will help you in focusing on the next step to do i.e. how to make your life with your spouse more meaningful and contain more love.  The answer is, work on it people.  Work to make your marriage life a better living space and time for both of you.  Do not stop working.  Continue working on it while both of you are at it.  If however, only one party is working towards making the marriage a blissfully happy and loving kind of world, time to think again has come.  Do your bits.  Make it work again.  And, if you are tired of working all alone, find a way out.

As for me, it seems like I have found my golden trophy.  The journey has begun for me to take it and hold it in my arms as tightly as I can.  I'm out of the blue now.

Happy Golden Day people.

The Rapids

There are times when things just get entangled with each other until it become so messed-up its just impossible to be straightened anymore.  Its when you are deep in  a serious crisis.  You have reached the rapids in your river of life.  Things just move at ultra pace with many danger zones at every corner you go.  The situation will get nasty if you were ambushed by your enemy.  The only solution is to find your way out, fast.

When you are working to re-build a marriage that has come to the stage of irretrievable situation, the rapids situation will be the environment for you to face.  But, steadfast is the keyword here.  Be sure of your own strength, continue moving forward and do not turn back.  The ultimate goal is to achieve peaceful resolution to the crisis and the irretrievable marriage issue in the most amicable way possible.  A broken marriage is the ultimate situation where finalization of the determination of the marriage is the consideration for all concerns.  Is this the part where marriage is built?  Yes. Your new marriage.  If you are on for it.

Alright, you may be thinking and ask these questions "but isn't this blog about building a marriage? Whats this talk about crisis and determination of a marriage?  Sounds like destroying to me."   Well, you are absolutely right!  There are times people where the building that you have built has some defective works in it.  Building built not following the standard specifications of the builders and the quantity surveyors have confirmed these building defects.  And, from the professional findings, your building is no longer safe for human habitation. What are you to do? Continue living in that building when it is no longer safe to do so.  And continue to be stubborn just because your ego is bigger than your brain even though your life is in danger?  Decision and decision must be made for the sake of your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Split and let go.  Go easy on your ego.  Keep your self dignity but let go your arrogance.  It is the beginning of the end.  The end must prevail in this situation.  Did I mention 'destroy' at my home page?  You need to destroy bad karma in order to possess good karma.  Think positive.  If your spouse is not health hazardous to you, mentally and physically, perhaps, you may opt to continue living your life with him-her.  If the situation is the other way around, the exit is the only avenue to consider.

You do not want to get stuck in the rapids longer than you should.  Its a danger zone.  Get out while you can.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So what....?

Yes, you will want to ask that kind of question once in  a while.  Right?  You know people, others would always want to question you whether what you have done is right or wrong, whether what  road you want to take is what you really want or  really need at this moment, whether you have think things over carefully and holistically, whether this is what you really wanted, whether you have think about all others around your life before you take that leap in your life.  These may be regarded as the well intention questions by those who are concerned with you.  Still, what is it that matters to you, people?  Grown-ups are supposed to know what they are doing, why they are doing it and for what objective, right?

These questions will leave you thinking for days on end. And for what?  Exhaustion on end, I would say.  Well, perhaps one should adopt the attitude of a wise old woman then, do your thinking for few days people and thereafter, make your so-called wise decision on any matter that is of importance to you.   Forget about the rest, if you must.  Things got to move on people.  You can't stay stagnant forever.  And, if they still question your move, just say, "So what?"  Savvy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Thousand Stars

Looking at the sky and wondering how the open wide space of the sky can be so beautiful during the day time and during the night time.  At night, when the sky is clear with stars shining in thousands, we wonder if  we can have the star in our hands. Pluck it, put it on our heart and keep it there forever and ever and ever until the end of time......, for the love of your life is the star that shines like a thousand stars.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hi there you people! Happy Ahad everyone!

I have been contemplating for days now on the most mystical and mysterious event in a human life -- destiny.  The journey towards the destiny is long.  The road may be long and straight just like the freeway.  It can too be a long and winding road. It can also be a long straight road but with many exits and junctions. 

But what intrigued me is the in-betweens from point X to point Z.  The in-betweens that happens are the most profound of all. One can be completely engulfed with intense emotions while going through the journey towards destiny.  The wise man says that one's destiny is not for oneself to ascertain.  Is that so?  Are you sure of that? I say, one may not know the ultimate result of one's destiny.  But, one can always shape and colour one's journey towards one's destiny.  I say, this whole happenings within the in-betweens, is the work of building the bridge to reach  one's destiny.  

Build the bridge first people. Get it completed at your targeted timeline.  Don't hesitate.  Don't linger.  Build it at an even pace. Build the bridge with all your might and love in your heart. Once the bridge is ready, you have reach it.  It is time for decision making.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Am In Love With You

As I have said in my previous article people, June is a special month to me. In celebration of the month of June, here is the love poem exists in a beautiful song by Dan Fogelberg which is so painfully beautiful that has made me decided to share it with you all people. Light the eternal flame people.

" longer than there've been fishes in the ocean;
higher than any bird ever flew;
longer than there've been stars up in the heavens;
I've been in love with you.

stronger than any mountain cathedral;
truer than any tree ever grew;
deeper than any forest primeval;
I am in love with you.

I'll bring fires in the winters;
You'll send showers in the springs;
We'll fly through the falls and summers;
with love on our wings.

through the years as the fire starts to mellow;
burning lines in the book of our lives;
though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow;
I'll be in love with you;
I'll be in love with you.

I am in love with you........ "

Yep, I have to let go, people. Can't stop the tears. There're so much love inside. Let love flow. Let love grow. Live life for the love as intended and destined.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Paths

The thing about marriage is you don't know what's going to happen next even if you've tried your best to fix the schedule - your life-plan schedule. I am not only inclined but is forced to believe that tomorrow will never come when we deal with marriage. Yes, togetherness. But, yes too to individuality. Hence, I am forced too to ask "a very complex philsophical-psychological question on being there/here and spending time and on the inevitability of fate and of crossroads and turns of the road less taken." - to quote a philosopher's words.

The relevant situation for such question is when you are in the healing phase of your relationships with your spouse after the "crisis". There will be an empty space in the heart of the partner who has been hurt by the said "crisis". To amend and re-structure the empty space thereafter to fulfill it will take a lot of effort and energy plus time - by both parties. The greatest impact will be on the one who suffered the most by the "crisis" and she/he is the one will be with the biggest empty space. It is a fact that must not be ignored. It is like NOT seeing the 'pink elephant' in the living room. What I want to express herein people is, you cannot ignore the empty space in your heart and continue living your life as if nothing is changed. Face it. Accept the fact. The love that was once there has all gone!! Yes, you will say to yourself, working very hard convincing yourself that there is still love like before in your heart for him/her. But, people, it has all gone the day you make your war.!

The challenge in situation like this is, when your path crosses with another person that is just too good to be true like your hero in your dream with long hair and piercing eyes suddenly appears in your life and swept you away with the greatest of surprise that left you dizzy. How to deal with this situation people? Remember, the empty space? Within that empty space lies the quest for the golden trophy to fulfill the lost love that was once there. The missing element - LOVE.

I cannot express it in any better way but to quote this beautiful poem by an ancient Persian poet as narrated to me by a dear friend:.

"will you and i with Fate decree,
to change the scheme of things entire,
will you and i with Fate conspire,
to change the things we desire,
so that they will be close to our heart's desire. "

This is the challenge people. The fulfillment comes not from the other important someone in your marriage. It comes from the one that you have been searching all your life, but, only now appears.

I know. Its complicated.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flame of Love

Keeping the flame of love in your marriage is crucial. Crucial to your together-ness purposes. Crucial too for the well being of your children. In remembrance of that crucial-ness, I would like to quote the famous song in this article. June is a special month for me. As such, this is a crucial move this month for me. Reflect, re-construct, and re-build.

Close your eyes, give me your hand
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Is this burning an eternal flame

I believe it's meant to be
I watch you when you are sleeping
You belong with me
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame

Say my name, sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling

A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling

Close your eyes, give me your hand
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Is this burning an eternal flame

Lighting the flame of love is lighting the neon of together-ness of your marriage.

The Long Walk And The Long Wait

There will be a time when you want to exert your individuality in you anytime and at any stage of your marriage life. Where you will want to make an instant and impromptu decision on a life changing journey, like going for a long travel.

You will want to just do it. Take the challenge. Move on with your ideals. Satisfy your dreams. Fulfill your cravings. It is a situation where you either take the long walk or do the long wait. The choice is on you.

A wise man once said that the situation is going to be like this, "it's going to be a very very long walk and a long long wait ... you might be an old timer on the beach by the time i get there. in my journey to the beach of athens, i might get distracted and stop by in Ur, Sumeria, Mahenjo Daro and Harappa, or hang out at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, check out the pyramids of Gizeh, or even help edit the Code of Hammurabbi. must you still wait? . You'll be old (er) by then ... older by a thousand years. This is the problem of waiting."

I don't want to be an old timer waiting for my dreams to come to me. I want to go out there take the journey to my dreams. No, it is not a journey for chasing the rainbow. It is a turning point journey that only the lucky ones are made available with. In this kind of journey, you make the decision on when to stop it. When to stop will be where you decide to make your final destination.

How can it be possible for one to know when to go and when to stop or just to wait. It's your life, you make the choice. Not him, not her, not they, perhaps, not even us.

Have a great month of June people.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Reservoir of Hope and Love

Where can you find the reservoir of hope and love? Is it in your purse? The mansion at the country club? Or, at the mall?

The reservoir of hope and love is a place where happy-ness is waiting to be embraced. That's where true love awaits you. In living this life which is so mundane and colourless, we tend to be blinded from the beauty around us as given by our Creator to give benefit and peace to us that will enhance our way of living so that we shall prosper in preparation for the new generations entire.

The reservoir of hope and love is where two people find ways to open up their hearts and discover that there is no limit to one's imaginations. The reservoir of hope and love can be found everywhere,anywhere and anytime.

My reservoir of hope and love is there, under the big coconut tree near the green-blue lake sitting with the love of my life in silence and one with nature. In peace I found true love.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Love

Quote: "love between two neanderthals is the most beautiful and primitive love of all... the only thing coming between them is a dinosaur ... " -- aar

I can't help but smile to myself upon realising how true the words above are. When a man and a woman decided to stay in a union, what do you think glued them together? It was the love from the first sight of each other that they shared the first time. Love will come to you always from the first sight. After love at the first sight, what else? How to reach the true love shangrila? There will always be a in between, whether you like it or not. Avoid as much as you can, even going back to the forest, still this in between form or being will be there trying to test you and your loved one. Hence, the dinosaur coming in between as stated above!

One is forced to think of the unthinkable when one's position is treatened by an uninvited and dreaded enemy such as a dinosaur. This is an intruder to one's happiness. The beloved man will find ways to invent weaponry to safeguard his possession and territory, lest the love of his life will be banished from this earth thus, leaving him behind to loneliness and despair. You have to remember that true love as genuine and as basic as the Neanderthals, finding a replacement for the lost one is not a small matter. It is a huge physical and mental losts that tantamount to irreplaceable-ness. Is that not a great true love or what?

A man and a woman in love will do all things, acts and invent all necessary objects and tools to protect them from intruders. This is the basic instint exists in humans that ensure their survival and continuation of the new generations to come.

This basic and primitive instinct called love is most beautiful and meaningful when it is at its most basic environment. Is that so? I think, yes.

How can we apply this notion of basic and primitive instinct in our modern life-style of consumerism in the capitalist era?

As for me, aaahhh..., I wish for that Neanderthal love....! Because, love must reign supreme entire.

The Rainbow At The End of Horizon

"A beautiful mind see things holistically; you may be a logical, systematic, sequential, oppositional, orderly person but your deep interest in the arts, music, nature, beauty of things entire, deeper questions in life, love reigning supreme, harnessing of the feminine mystique in you -- - all these elegantly projects the image of beauty in you, thus, becomes a mirror and manifestations of a beautiful mind ..."

Once in your life you may cross path with someone that sees you from a different eye-glasses totally. He is taken aback by your beauty and grace, by your glorious mind and he is full of praises about you.

And, like the sayings of a great writer; Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that is where I renew my springs that never dry up; I am forced to see and watch the world around me with my new bifocal glasses. In doing so, I am deeply humbled by the knowledge that God has given me and re-learning is what I must do by observing the paths that I have crossed.

The Cave In The Forest

" By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." - Socrates

And...., I have been greatly challenged today when a dear friend of mine narrated to me this story:
"many neanderthal men became extinct because neanderthal women forced them to hunt for food while the women write grocery list on cave walls. they were the earliest feminists and a danger to the male species. they started the idea of shopping lists and the men worked hard battling wild beasts. many neanderthal men were mauled to pieces only because they forgot something on the list and had to go out again when the dinosaurs were having dinner. Archaeologists discovered that on the wall of the Chauvet Cave in Southern France, there is a carving of what looked like a woman-Neanderthal shopper that looked like a wife of a prime minister of a banana republic somewhere in Asia. She was carrying 89 shopping bags."

What am I to make of this piece of mind challenging facts-fiction? Maybe my dear good friend has become a philosopher........

But, I have this nagging feeling in my head that keeps telling me that I have graduated with flying colors as the philosopher of marriage!! Me...??!!
Now, what do you think that indicate? I can't hide from Socrates.

Individuals in a union.

What is life?
One may wonder what is life all about. Is it about living in and with the other individuals in a union or is it about living in together-ness, disregard individualistic, and be lost in the jungle of union. Perhaps, one need to seek out one's individual-ness by going back to one's inner self, reflect and come to term with it. Is it about love? Is it about success in together-ness? How can one possibly weigh the importance of one's individualism in a union with the other individuals without affecting adversely the together-ness?

Aahhh..! life is indeed a complicated journey! But I learned from someone that a life not tested is not worth living.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How's the weather forecast on politics and marriage?

The weather has not been fine for many many weeks now. It has been a series of scorching  hot days lately and one dread about going out of one's cave anytime before 5pm. What is it about weather and politics and marriage?  I don't know.  Perhaps, its about how politics is everywhere in your life that exist in your domestic living habitation and exist too at your work place and within the community that you belong to.

Have you ever thought of politics in your marriage life.  Politics in  your relationship with your spouse.  Its about power struggle between the 'He' and the 'Her'.  Its about who conquers who.  On who has the veto power and who has the upper hand in influencing the other members of the family.  Sometimes, the situation can get wicked.  It'll reach a stage where, one will control the whole administration of the perimeter of the marriage to the extent that one will dictate what the other one can do and can have and can befriend at certain specified time and day and season.  Have you seen the movie "The Joy Luck Club"?  Its about four Chinese women who migrated to San Francisco after the 2nd World War.  A very sad story.  Its about survival.  Its about politics between man and woman.  Its about maneuvering strategy for being empowered and obtaining empowerment.  Its about how to love, learn to love and re-learn to love.  Its about life, of what is the essence of life and what is the good thing about life.  Its all about human beings interacting amongst each other and with each other, surrounding the politics at the home front.

So, whats the weather forecast on the politics of your marriage today? Scorching hot?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Fine Weather

When times are good it will generally be followed by good weather. Good and fine weather will give life to many creations of God.  How can you tell when the weather is good.  Its when you wake up in the morning you hear birds chirping.  Its when you can smell the fresh air with the sun's ray shines clear and warm on the tree leaves and the fields.  Its not too hot or too wet.

The environment and the condition of the weather are main basic needs to us in order for us to function properly and harmoniously.  These are the elements in a healthy marriage too.  Without which our life with the other three quarter or other half, whichever you desire, will be ruined and distorted.  And down the stream, the effect will be impacted on the off-springs of the couple.

A bad weather will destroy crops and lives stocks.  So's too with marriage.  An unhealthy marriage life will destroy and stunted the healthy growth of the children in the marriage.

We all love  fine good weather. To have good weather following the seasons as has been the nature since time recorded, we must not do things that can destroy or contribute to the destruction of our land and water.  Live green.  Save our land.  Save planet earth.  Save our marriage.

Have a good day and a good marriage.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Me??

Yes, ladies. Why me will always be the BIG question when you are already in a marriage relationship.

Why my husband go for other woman? Why other man fall for me when I'm already belonged? Why there is no true love? Why my soul mate never appears?  Why it will always be me doing all the dirty chores in the house?  Why is it always me who don't have the time to chill out with favourite friends?  Why it is always him who got the freedom  to come and go as he pleases, making the home as his hotel for sleep and change? Why it is always me who is suffering in silence?  Why when bad things happen in the house it will always be when he is not around? Why. Why. Oh... why?

Unfortunately, you will have to find the answers yourself.  Its like self-help thingy, you know.  Like the many DIY shops around your area nowadays.  A Do-It-Yourself solution finding.  That is the price for living in this modern individualistic capitalist world.  And yet, there are many so-called feminist groups out there working themselves hard to achieve the so-called gender equality-- wonder what that means..