Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Fine Weather

When times are good it will generally be followed by good weather. Good and fine weather will give life to many creations of God.  How can you tell when the weather is good.  Its when you wake up in the morning you hear birds chirping.  Its when you can smell the fresh air with the sun's ray shines clear and warm on the tree leaves and the fields.  Its not too hot or too wet.

The environment and the condition of the weather are main basic needs to us in order for us to function properly and harmoniously.  These are the elements in a healthy marriage too.  Without which our life with the other three quarter or other half, whichever you desire, will be ruined and distorted.  And down the stream, the effect will be impacted on the off-springs of the couple.

A bad weather will destroy crops and lives stocks.  So's too with marriage.  An unhealthy marriage life will destroy and stunted the healthy growth of the children in the marriage.

We all love  fine good weather. To have good weather following the seasons as has been the nature since time recorded, we must not do things that can destroy or contribute to the destruction of our land and water.  Live green.  Save our land.  Save planet earth.  Save our marriage.

Have a good day and a good marriage.

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