Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ustaz, The Moody or The Old n Wise

A friend of mine has been consulting me for months now regarding her options in her love life - a platonic love life that is.  She is in a constant turmoil on her love-friendly relationships with her two maybe three prospective candidates.  We are at the stage of making a u-turn on the whole affairs.  Meaning, she and I are planning her wedding reception first rather than giving our focus to the ways on how to catch the right guy.  The first priority seems to be the songs to be sang at her wedding reception.  There are six songs, I have been chosen to sing four out of that six songs.  And the best and thrilling part is, I  must sing all those four songs with a partner who happen to be my Facebook buddy.  Well, he has no choice but to go along with such request.  No option was offered to him. My dear buddy is like a sitting duck, being there accepting my request without even uttering a single word.  Such a nice and well behaved boy-friend...  Laugh out loud people. 

Of course my dear friend has also planned on the ambience and the colour theme of her wedding reception and the venue plus the menu even the exact time when I should sing and when I should be having my nasi beriani and my sirap bandung.  Oh! and she also planned that a very very nice and comfy tent must be erected complete with a sofa and a coffee table where she will be positioned with her beau sitting there watching me singing with my poor buddy and she will be nibling on her nice chocolate cookies and teh tarik.  Hahaha.... How nice feeling, I can visualise how harmony and tranquil her wedding will be. Sigh.... bring in tears of happiness to me.  Have I described everything here?  One more thing, most important, that is the kompang.  The kompang must play two songs to follow my dear friend from the beginning of her parade till she reaches the main tent with that nice fluffy comfy sofa.  The parade will be at the minimum of ten minutes journey.  A must this event people.  The wedding is not complete and perfect without this traditional most significant musical instrument at play and display.  Sigh, again.  Simply going to be a wonderful wedding of the year, people.  Absolutely well planned.

So, all things are planned as what it should be and must be finalised in two years time.  Mobilisation has started since several weeks ago.  Now, she and I are about to embark on the serious business.  That is, getting and choosing the right candidate.  There happen to be three potential candidates at the moment.  However, the building of the relationships from mere friend to a lover status has been quite a challenge.  Well, it looks like I must continue this part in my next post people.  Gathering of more substantive information is crucial at the moment as I must give my dearest friend a solid end result.  So, stay tuned people.  Don't stray too far away.

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