Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sun Is Gone

I will share with you people this time on the topic of love has died. This is a real situation where one of the party is trying to make an exit but do not want to tell you outright.  Something like making a quiet exit.  The best method of getting out of a relationship using the 'quiet exit' way is by killing the love softly. Doing it in a subtle way.  Unnoticed at first but, later, it become obvious, slowly it will surface, the disappearance that is almost unnoticed by the one who is to be left behind. 

The trick is, not to even utter a word about exiting.  Just play with the  game but in a less frequent manner.  Pick and choose when to meet and when to make that slow disappearance. Your partner will soon realized that something is not right.  She/he will feel certain degree of emptiness and coldness from your act.  However, she/he cannot put her/his finger on it.  She/he can't be certain of what's going on.  That's the next advancement, people.  Leave him/her confuse.  Then afterwards, the goodbye part will be much easier.  Because, chances are, she/he the one who will say the goodbye thingy.  Got it.  Clever move, right.  But, you must be a very cold-hearted person to do it that way.  It is indeed a nasty and wicked way of handling a farewell to someone whom you must have loved at certain time and, to not be able to face and own-up to your act may catch up with you later in life, that is, other people will recognize this bad trade of yours and the stigma is this, you  are a "fake", a "plastic" hence, not real.  Big risk to gamble a reputation.

Sad.  But, to the one who is being treated this way, my best advice is, to learn your lesson well.  Do your bit on the crying department, if that can save you from grieving.  Let the sky fall if you must.  So long as you can get over it.  I know, it is not easy.  Particularly if, he/she was in the category of "soulmate" "true love" kind of relationship, yes?  Find your way to get over it.  Listened to all those sad love songs.  Make a special play list , in fact, that will do you good.  Well, do not be disheartened by all this.  You will survive the ordeal at the end of it.  So, cheer up people.