Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Love Letter

Dearest love of my life,

You must have been wondering all the time of my whereabouts.  For I have been keeping silent all this while.  I have been away, my dearest friend.  So far away that it is just impossible for me to send you my words.  I have been talking to the sun, to the moon, to the wind and to the rain.  Whispering at night to the great owl my words of longings for you.  If you only know how much I have been missing you, of how much I want to be near you, of how much my heart cries for you even the weeping willow will become envious of my tears, dearest one.  I am staying away as far as I possibly can, away from you dearest one as I am so fearful of my overwhelming love for you might take over my sensibility and good judgement of myself and the world I am living in.  But, I know of some saying which say that not to be crazy is not to be in love.  For one who is in love will not think, he will only feel.  I fear this feelings, dearest one.  Truly am fearful of its empowering influence over my being.  Can one love so much and stay sane.  Where is sanity when one is in love.  Why is this love so a mystery.  It only makes the mind and body helpless and at the mercy of the loved one.  I have seen the moon, it didn't shine its brightest when you are not nearby.  I have felt in my heart that my heart won't be at peace unless you are present.  How long can this affairs of the heart find its consolation.  Till the end of time...?

Until then, dearest one.

W.W. Willow

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