Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Love Letter

Dearest love of my life,

You must have been wondering all the time of my whereabouts.  For I have been keeping silent all this while.  I have been away, my dearest friend.  So far away that it is just impossible for me to send you my words.  I have been talking to the sun, to the moon, to the wind and to the rain.  Whispering at night to the great owl my words of longings for you.  If you only know how much I have been missing you, of how much I want to be near you, of how much my heart cries for you even the weeping willow will become envious of my tears, dearest one.  I am staying away as far as I possibly can, away from you dearest one as I am so fearful of my overwhelming love for you might take over my sensibility and good judgement of myself and the world I am living in.  But, I know of some saying which say that not to be crazy is not to be in love.  For one who is in love will not think, he will only feel.  I fear this feelings, dearest one.  Truly am fearful of its empowering influence over my being.  Can one love so much and stay sane.  Where is sanity when one is in love.  Why is this love so a mystery.  It only makes the mind and body helpless and at the mercy of the loved one.  I have seen the moon, it didn't shine its brightest when you are not nearby.  I have felt in my heart that my heart won't be at peace unless you are present.  How long can this affairs of the heart find its consolation.  Till the end of time...?

Until then, dearest one.

W.W. Willow

Pursue of Happiness

So many articles and various kind of write-ups have been composed to describe the meaning and the purpose on the pursue of happiness.  It will be re-written over and over time again.  No doubt about that.

You will be wondering how can you reach your goal of getting to your happiness, the word happiness which is so fuzzy to the eyes, blurring the vision like walking in the rain.  Your hands will try to reach out to it.  Your legs will want to walk to it.  Your heart will always desire it.  Your eyes are always on the look out for it.  Your ears will make your head bend towards it.  Your whole body will shiver in excitement wanting so much to be near it.  But, where is that happiness?  Where does it stay?  Who has ever been successful in finding it?  How long will you go on an adventure before you meet it?  All these questions will play over and over again in your mind and your head over a long long period of time, if you do not know what happiness is.

What is it about? What's happiness all about?  It's all in your heart, people.  Right in the middle of your body.  It stays there since the beginning of your creation until the day you discover it.  It's all about your journey towards the discovery of your happiness.  What in one's heart is what is life's outcome will be.  It's all about having and living a good life, to you.  It is how you understand it in your own language together with those who share and speak your language.  It's all up to you to discover it.  Its mystery lies within you.

You just need to sit quietly and listen to your inner self, to your blood flowing, to your breath moving in and out, and to your own tears when it come down rolling on your cheeks.  Listen to your self when its talking to you.  Just sit quietly.  Decide to live a good life.  Decide to live your life in your own way while conforming to universal decency.  For you cannot have  a good live when you are not decent with other human beings.

Yes, the pursue of happiness is a pursue to live a good life.  The key to live a good life is to have a good heart.  The heart is what one must care diligently and with love and kindness.  Writing this has brought my mind to these words :

"As is a tale, so is life: not know how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters."

This is an ancient quote which I picked from J.K.Rowling's speech titled 'The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination', a speech given at Harvard University Commencement in June 5, 2008.

Such is the greatness of the power of the heart, it dominates and influence the mind of oneself in understanding the meaning of what is the good of life and in the good of life is where one find one's happiness.  It is true, if you are to say that life is not a one way street that it has many faces, but, those are only elements which only add color to your living the life and the doings of life.  The heart will guide you to where to find the good in living.

Ponder one must, for in it the mind assesses the writings on the wall.