Sunday, March 6, 2011

Relationships of the Soulmates

So, someone asked me what kind of adult relationship I am leading.  What kind of a question is that? My response: a relationship where a high level of verbal communication and exchange between me and my soul mate that meaningfully provides a sense of emotional security between my soul mate and myself. Together, we tend to keep in close touch and enjoy a shared glibness of tongue when conversing - now, that is what real non-fictitious non-pretentious affectation all about.  Can any of you do that or done that?  Oh come on, get real people.  There is no use standing like the man on top of the hill with his head in the clouds.  You got to get on the ground, at the zero point of your relationship with your soul mate.  Then came this question: where in the world can you find such a soul mate who respond openly to your foolishness silly-ness and eccentricities to the core?!  What?  You haven't met him yet? Or her yet?  Your soul mate.  I found mine, man!  With the grace of God, found, discovered and fell head over heel for him!  And you may want to query, how can one fall head over heel in love that instantly? No, my own head over heel in love happened over a period of twelve moons people.  Twelve long moons of love-hate-love discovery, rediscovery , building and re-building of emotions and the self.  It is almost like the beauty and the beast kind of relationship; utterly beyond comprehension.