Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's All For Love

Scene 1

About three weeks ago, in the master bedroom on the bed, husband and wife busy reading serious stuff.  Husband with thick important book, while the wife with the all important magazine of all time.  Suddenly, the wife asked the husband a question.  Honey, she said.  Yes....., replied the husband. I've been thinking lately, she continued.  Hmmm....., replied the husband.  I'm thinking of smoking cigarette.  What you think?, she asked.  He said, Love, I quit smoking years ago.  And, I did it just like that.  I told my brain that I want to quit and I quit.  Its like mental game to me dear.  I wanted to test my mental strength, and there it was, a simple and easy quit. Besides, next you will be thinking of the brand,  he smiled at her.  And she said smiling back to him, oh well, there's no point then to start smoking.  And, they continued their reading.

Scene 2
Last night.  Both husband and wife sitting in the living room together and as usual both were holding the all important book and magazine as if these are the ever important factor in their life.  Suddenly the wife asked the husband while flipping through her magazine.  Honey....., she said.  Hmmm....., replied the husband.  I've been thinking you know, she continued.  Yes....., he answered , still reading with intent.  I'm thinking of smoking cigar, she blurted the words.  He changed position and thinking to himself, this is the uttermost important chapter I'm reading now.  And he replied, love, cigar is expensive. Why not try the rokok daun or chew the sireh, it' cheaper besides, it's good for cross-examination...!  He looked at her with wide eyes.  She looked back at him with blinking eyes, and, suddenly she laughed.  A hilarious laughter.  After few seconds she stopped laughing and said, I knew it that you loved me that much for you to give me such answer!  And, he responded well to that laughter and, they started to talk about old times.

Why am I writing about these two scenes people?  To show to you all the need to communicate freely to your loved one and to be able to relate with your partner in honesty and sincerity with whatever things that cropped-up in your mind no matter how mundane it can be.  And, in so doing, you are also testing the level of patience your spouse has towards you.  How well your partner gave his/her response to your mundane query, will depend on how strong your relationship with him/her that you both have built thus far.   This is an important element in building a healthy relationship, people.   Open and free flowing reasonable line of communication is most important.  Without it, life can be miserable.  Imagine living a life with someone who cannot relate and respond to you positively.  It is a torture indeed.  This is the first part.

The second part will be that the husband as in the above case must be quick to detect the cause for the wife to ask questions like that to him.  And to ask it within short period of time.  There must be something going on in her mind, right?  Yes, something is definitely building inside.  She may be bored with her daily routines.  She may not be getting enough attention from her husband.  She may need more actions from her husband. She may be revealing her secret desires to him in coded words.   All these are potential reasons.  Her husband just need to be more attentive and sensitive to her needs and start paying attention.  If things are left without being rectified, other kinds of emotional imbalance might arise like for example, seeds of doubt about her husband's feelings and love towards her.  As such is the situation, open communication must be the trait in your marriage life, all throughout the relationship.

What is it that makes two different individuals stay together in a relationship and bear with each other eccentricities? I would say, LOVE.  Love is the reason for it.  All kinds of hardships, sadness, troubles and tests are bearable so long there is love that glued both of them together.  Love brings togetherness.  Togetherness brings  understanding.  Understanding brings peace.

Remember people, it's all for love.  Don't leave home without it!!

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