Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Love

Quote: "love between two neanderthals is the most beautiful and primitive love of all... the only thing coming between them is a dinosaur ... " -- aar

I can't help but smile to myself upon realising how true the words above are. When a man and a woman decided to stay in a union, what do you think glued them together? It was the love from the first sight of each other that they shared the first time. Love will come to you always from the first sight. After love at the first sight, what else? How to reach the true love shangrila? There will always be a in between, whether you like it or not. Avoid as much as you can, even going back to the forest, still this in between form or being will be there trying to test you and your loved one. Hence, the dinosaur coming in between as stated above!

One is forced to think of the unthinkable when one's position is treatened by an uninvited and dreaded enemy such as a dinosaur. This is an intruder to one's happiness. The beloved man will find ways to invent weaponry to safeguard his possession and territory, lest the love of his life will be banished from this earth thus, leaving him behind to loneliness and despair. You have to remember that true love as genuine and as basic as the Neanderthals, finding a replacement for the lost one is not a small matter. It is a huge physical and mental losts that tantamount to irreplaceable-ness. Is that not a great true love or what?

A man and a woman in love will do all things, acts and invent all necessary objects and tools to protect them from intruders. This is the basic instint exists in humans that ensure their survival and continuation of the new generations to come.

This basic and primitive instinct called love is most beautiful and meaningful when it is at its most basic environment. Is that so? I think, yes.

How can we apply this notion of basic and primitive instinct in our modern life-style of consumerism in the capitalist era?

As for me, aaahhh..., I wish for that Neanderthal love....! Because, love must reign supreme entire.

The Rainbow At The End of Horizon

"A beautiful mind see things holistically; you may be a logical, systematic, sequential, oppositional, orderly person but your deep interest in the arts, music, nature, beauty of things entire, deeper questions in life, love reigning supreme, harnessing of the feminine mystique in you -- - all these elegantly projects the image of beauty in you, thus, becomes a mirror and manifestations of a beautiful mind ..."

Once in your life you may cross path with someone that sees you from a different eye-glasses totally. He is taken aback by your beauty and grace, by your glorious mind and he is full of praises about you.

And, like the sayings of a great writer; Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that is where I renew my springs that never dry up; I am forced to see and watch the world around me with my new bifocal glasses. In doing so, I am deeply humbled by the knowledge that God has given me and re-learning is what I must do by observing the paths that I have crossed.

The Cave In The Forest

" By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." - Socrates

And...., I have been greatly challenged today when a dear friend of mine narrated to me this story:
"many neanderthal men became extinct because neanderthal women forced them to hunt for food while the women write grocery list on cave walls. they were the earliest feminists and a danger to the male species. they started the idea of shopping lists and the men worked hard battling wild beasts. many neanderthal men were mauled to pieces only because they forgot something on the list and had to go out again when the dinosaurs were having dinner. Archaeologists discovered that on the wall of the Chauvet Cave in Southern France, there is a carving of what looked like a woman-Neanderthal shopper that looked like a wife of a prime minister of a banana republic somewhere in Asia. She was carrying 89 shopping bags."

What am I to make of this piece of mind challenging facts-fiction? Maybe my dear good friend has become a philosopher........

But, I have this nagging feeling in my head that keeps telling me that I have graduated with flying colors as the philosopher of marriage!! Me...??!!
Now, what do you think that indicate? I can't hide from Socrates.

Individuals in a union.

What is life?
One may wonder what is life all about. Is it about living in and with the other individuals in a union or is it about living in together-ness, disregard individualistic, and be lost in the jungle of union. Perhaps, one need to seek out one's individual-ness by going back to one's inner self, reflect and come to term with it. Is it about love? Is it about success in together-ness? How can one possibly weigh the importance of one's individualism in a union with the other individuals without affecting adversely the together-ness?

Aahhh..! life is indeed a complicated journey! But I learned from someone that a life not tested is not worth living.