Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Universal Word

Isn't love such a mystical wonder of life in the universe? I mean, every living body with brain react to the meaning of this fantastic description of feelings.  Every object and subject give some sort of response to this word.  How can such small number of letters give such enormous impact on all living things in this place we called home.  "Love of earthlings" - nice caption I figure.  Oh, by the way, "earthlings" also include non human subjects, yes.  Please do not limit-ize  your 'world' view.

Let's examine the wonderful interaction of the bee family with the rest of the living things on earth, for instance.  Do you know that the bee family consists of  the father bee also known as the drones ( nice...), the mummy bee and the hardworking younguns plus there is the Queen bee, the center figure in  family bee. Do you notice the bee family home is a large structure of complex alleys and cubicles?  It also functions as a thermometer to keep the family members warm and cosy from the uncertain weather.   And some experts said that the center of earth is like honey made by the bee family!  Isn't that a fabulous wonder!  We humans, living on top of honey every seconds. Do you realize that without the bee family the world will be left unattended due to failure in the nature system and soon after all of us will perish? No? Not ever realize that such huge impact will affect us? Well, you see, without the loving, loyal and hardworking bee family the world and its content will collapse.  We will no longer able to taste that golden shiny sweet and full of energy driven sweetener forever never will we have that priceless liquid again.  There will be no more flowers, gone will the roses, the bunga raya, the bougainvilleas, the jasmines, the durian flowers ( oh no!).  There will be no more oranges, pomegranates,  that delicious grapes, no more apples, strawberries and all the berry families and don't forget that sweet smelling mangoes and its beautiful flowers.  No rambutans, mangoesteens, and that wonderful jambu batu or guava.  How about grains like rice, oats, wheats and corns. All will be gone. Will there be anymore four seasons? What will be the fate of those lands in the tropics? Oh what will become of us if there is no bee around? What will be the fate of those other living animals on land, air and sea?  Terrible indeed the outcome, people.  

Thus, shall we conclude to say that honey bees and its family members are our most intimate nexus with the rest of the living things that exist in this world.  Bees bring with it that wonderful universal word - LOVE.  What is this world without the love of the honey bees.  

"the papa bee aka the drone at lunch time during summer in France."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wishing You Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Dear friends far and near,

my Hari Raya song for you alls..

" kini saat yang terakhir
ku pinta maaf kepada mu
jauh dari lubuk hatiku
tak pernah ku dendam pada mu

bila engkau tak percaya 
ku rela korban jiwa raga
kini saat yang penghabisan
ku harap kau datang kepada ku

berulang kali ku nyatakan
aku sayang pada mu
berulang kali ku meminta
peluklah belai lah daku

oh itu tak pernah terjadi
semua harapan belaka
nafasku yang terakhir ini
hanyalah kutujukan pada mu..."

-- tarikan nafasku yang terakhir
-- tetty kadi

"bird's eye view of langkawi marina bay."