Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wishing On A Star

"I'm wishing on a star; To follow where you are; I'm wishing on a dream;  To follow what it means; And I wish on all the rainbows that I see; I wish on all the people who really dream; And I'm wishing on tomorrow, praying it'll comes; And I'm wishing on all the lovin' we've ever done; I never thought I'd see; A time when you would be; So far away from home; So far away from me" -- Rose Royce

Once in a while you may want to be by your own and ponder about the universe.  The sky is the most intriguing, most spectacular and the most attractive to one's eyes and soul.  The stars have always been my most favoured object of the universe.  It signifies hope and wishes that come true.  Night time is a time where the body and soul of a person take its time off to rest and to ponder on what has been done during the day time.  And, it is a time to make a wish.  A time to pray for the wish to come true.  This month is the month for Muslims to make prayers and wishes.  It is the spirit of the special month for the believers to succumb themselves to God and make their wishes and pray for it.  It has been said by many wise men that to be close to God is to observe nature and learned from it.    To be able to live with nature is the best way of life.  To learn from nature is the highest wisdom that is attainable by an honest soul that is so full of love and tenderness.

I am wishing on a star tonight.  I am making such wishing because I am praying for my star to come home and be near to me.  So that, my pondering towards the beauty of the universe and the time to learn from nature can be shared with my star. 

Together, the best of things can be made real - RR.


  1. Hello Enta Omri! This is my first time visiting. Quite a blog you have here. Well, starting from today, your wishing with the stars might land you Lailatul Qadr, the night better than a 1000 months. Thank you for showing the way to your beautiful blog. Best of luck!

  2. Thank you to you too Shah Jehan. And I wish you will be blessed with the jewel of Lailatul Qadr. And, Welcome and Ahlan wa Sahlan Shah Jehan to my blog. Great to have you here!