Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Cloud

Cloud… cloud…why are you here

Why bring with you the shadow of darkness

With the shadows will come the rain

Cloud…cloud…please come when the sun is here

Bring the rain, cloud.. when the sun is out…so that rainbows will appear in twins.

Cloud…cloud… it seems that you cannot hear me

Oh! I forgot … the night is creeping in; you are busy preparing to leave for tonight’s party

Lest… the lovely couple be drenched in heavy downpour.

So kind you are cloud

Like a candle burning itself for other’s comfort

So selfless you are cloud

No other space being can do like you do

Cloud… cloud… how blessed you are… you are

O you are back, cloud..


You missed something?

What would be the object that you have missed, cloud

Oo... you are teasing me... that cannot be true

Oh, come on cloud.... it is just not possible, cloud

For it to happen you must bring along your best friend

That is the uttermost important element, cloud

Of course the wind must be here, cloud

You simply must call the wind.

Call the wind, cloud...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I write this for you ..

I write this for you ..
I write this for you, love ... for you to know, to know something... about us
Us is a midnight blues
Us is a million miles apart...
Us is the nobody in beings
Us is the waves, the lights within the universe ... the constellation.

I write this for you, love ...
So that you know that I am always forlorn
      So that you know that I am always in tears
             So that you know that I am always in blues
                   So that you know that I am forever waiting ...

Do you know that waiting is a cold rainy day, a dark cloudy day, a moonless night ...
Do you know that this heart is not as strong as it seems to be
Do you know that this self is always longing , of what I do not fathom it
I remember this, love
This what you said, " you come to me on a summer breeze ..." like that old song of the disco era
Little that you know what those words have made me feel
I do not know how to say this, love
as if words have failed me...
what is in the soul and the heart are not easy to describe
how to utter whats deep in one's soul
how to tell to you of this tumultuous-ness deep within
where to find the words
even if I travel the world, walked the sands in the Taklamakan desert, run with the Touareg even ..
this emotions inside will never be revealed.

 I can climb the Kilimandjaro,  sail the sacred boat to Mokumanamana
I can swim with the dolphins in the Antarctic, slide the sledge with the Inuits, spend my time the rest of the sun-less nights and days in the Arctic for six long months.... but,
what I feel in here , can find no words for it....

Helpless I am, indeed
Helpless against the wall ...
Shy I am indeed, this is not me ...
Who is torn between Thor and Alexander
the desire is to scream !
but, who is there left to hear..

No one , no one but me who is here: my hands are on my face; trying to hide the face, the sadness .. for a lost that can never be found or regain, here or the afterlife.

why... why... why...
oh why...
why must you and I met
when only torture will emerge
why must these eyes read those words
why must these ears hear the silence of the words
why must this heart listens..
why must soulmates be found when there is no time made for them
why must I know of heaven when there is no door opened to me..
Cruel... cruel!
oh why...


I write this for you...
To tell you how I feel
I do not have the way
I have lost sight of the bridge
Maybe death is the answer...
for eternity to show its face...even if it is fated as such, love...
Love so true will never die, this I know

I write this for you
As eagle  flies alone.....