Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Long Walk And The Long Wait

There will be a time when you want to exert your individuality in you anytime and at any stage of your marriage life. Where you will want to make an instant and impromptu decision on a life changing journey, like going for a long travel.

You will want to just do it. Take the challenge. Move on with your ideals. Satisfy your dreams. Fulfill your cravings. It is a situation where you either take the long walk or do the long wait. The choice is on you.

A wise man once said that the situation is going to be like this, "it's going to be a very very long walk and a long long wait ... you might be an old timer on the beach by the time i get there. in my journey to the beach of athens, i might get distracted and stop by in Ur, Sumeria, Mahenjo Daro and Harappa, or hang out at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, check out the pyramids of Gizeh, or even help edit the Code of Hammurabbi. must you still wait? . You'll be old (er) by then ... older by a thousand years. This is the problem of waiting."

I don't want to be an old timer waiting for my dreams to come to me. I want to go out there take the journey to my dreams. No, it is not a journey for chasing the rainbow. It is a turning point journey that only the lucky ones are made available with. In this kind of journey, you make the decision on when to stop it. When to stop will be where you decide to make your final destination.

How can it be possible for one to know when to go and when to stop or just to wait. It's your life, you make the choice. Not him, not her, not they, perhaps, not even us.

Have a great month of June people.

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