Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hi there you people! Happy Ahad everyone!

I have been contemplating for days now on the most mystical and mysterious event in a human life -- destiny.  The journey towards the destiny is long.  The road may be long and straight just like the freeway.  It can too be a long and winding road. It can also be a long straight road but with many exits and junctions. 

But what intrigued me is the in-betweens from point X to point Z.  The in-betweens that happens are the most profound of all. One can be completely engulfed with intense emotions while going through the journey towards destiny.  The wise man says that one's destiny is not for oneself to ascertain.  Is that so?  Are you sure of that? I say, one may not know the ultimate result of one's destiny.  But, one can always shape and colour one's journey towards one's destiny.  I say, this whole happenings within the in-betweens, is the work of building the bridge to reach  one's destiny.  

Build the bridge first people. Get it completed at your targeted timeline.  Don't hesitate.  Don't linger.  Build it at an even pace. Build the bridge with all your might and love in your heart. Once the bridge is ready, you have reach it.  It is time for decision making.

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