Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heaven Knows

When you are feeling like there is no one standing on your side, when you are feeling there is no hope for you, when you are lost all alone in this cold and cruel world, there will be someone who suddenly appears before you just as if godsend to you.   Something like a preordained crossing of paths and there is the person, your saviour, your hope and perhaps, your dream comes true somebody. 

This phenomena can happen to anybody, people.  A dear friend of mine who suffers from a serious illness but recovered from it, thought that due to her illness she may not be able to find a life partner, ever.  She believed in that belief.  But, people, heaven knows better.  She met her soulmate one day.  Out from just no where, he came to her life.  She is living a happy life with her loved one.  A life that was unthinkable to her a year before.

Life is meaningful when we continue having hopes and dreams.  Such are the elements in pursue of happiness, people.  Because, what matters in the end is the sharing of life with your important someone who fills your heart, mind and soul perfectly in harmony and in full understanding of each other's needs, dos and don'ts and stay together till the end.  All other matters are just things outside your inner circle.  They are important but not as important as your own happiness. 

A relationship built on true love and wonderful friendship are built to last, people.  Lucky are those who have found this fountain of eternal love and eternal flame of love of a man and a woman.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yeah, here comes September again !  How time flies.  Many events happening in September. New events to venture into; old ones for reusing, recycling and discards.  Datelines to meet.  People to meet.  Business ventures to deal.  Properties to dispose - movable and not movable alike.   Anniversaries and birthdays too.  Maybe new place of work and new acquaintances too.  New life partner as well.  New frontiers too, to travel to beyond the horizon.

Time really flies.  And here we are, lingering still waiting for the season to change hoping quietly with the change of the season, we may be changed too.  Perfectly in tuned with the season.  Whatever and wherever you are people, stick to what you belong to.  Don't let go when time is good times.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking But Not Really Seeing

I read from somewhere that said " what you heard or said about  love are all the surface of the skin; because, the essence of love is the Unspoken Secret."  And this description is most applicable in a relationship between a husband and  wife.  After reading this statement, I asked myself, really?  Is that so ?  How can love between a man and a woman and for that matter between husband and wife can be so an unspoken secret?

You see people, I am all for secrets in relation to your marital interactive activities of you and your partner from the outside world or any third party.  But, to say generally like that,  that the essence or the real meaning of love is "unspoken secret", to me is like putting too much burden on love.  Okay, lets ask this question, what is the unspoken secret?  I think you know what I think is the answer.  Of course the reply will be, "Its an unspoken secret, so, any answer is forbidden."  I can laugh out loud people!  Seriously, come on...

Okay, lets be fair.  Lets re-read and think on the truest meaning and intention of such statement.  I think what the author was trying to say is,  love has many stories that you don't want others to know because it is private matters between husband and wife, the meaningful and the essential parts of course; so, the couple are expected to know through their guts feelings what the other partner is thinking and feeling and by the look of the eyes they can fathom and understood each other.  Is this the situation?  Who wants to live in this kind of relationship by the way?    When everything is unspoken secret.  What is the message, I wonder.  Why Asians love secrets so much.  Everything must be unspoken and must remain a secret.  Don't you think this is a burdensome relationship? 

I will support open communication and interaction environment for couple.  I promote honest and sincere heart to heart talk with your partner.  I  encourage easy and warm emotional understanding within your natural enclosure for a healthy marital development.  And, if your marriage to your partner is the best example to others within your circle of friends and society, why not share your secret of success with others !  Sharing knowledge for the good of others and beneficial to the people that we love, will bring more love and happiness to you.

I suppose, too much keeping things in the dark is not a wise move in a marital relationship or even between a man and a woman in a love relationship.  Honesty is a virtue.  True and meaningful love in its purest and most sincere state  must be relayed openly before, during and after.   The simplest philosophy would be, do things as honestly as possible so as to be fair to the other loved one.   For a man and a woman in love will do anything for his/her love.  And, will express it to show and tell her/him of such willingness.

People remember this -- Life is too beautiful to keep it a secret.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridge of Love

This is a beautiful romantic number from Harvey Malaiholo, I loved this song.  Good listening with the loved one.  That is, if you are building your marriage to blissful happiness.  Here are the lyrics : 

Remang malam duduk aku melamun... menekuri langkah yang telah kita tempuh... di hatiku masih melekat hatimu...  bila kita melabuhkan biduk cinta...  dermaga menanti bersama angin... dan aku disini merindu..... kita kan saling mengerti... aku pun hanya milikmu..   seutuhnya untukmu, takkan terpisah lagi sampai ke hujung dunia,  kasih hanyalah satu,  tuhan merestui cinta kita... kasih....

Celebrate the most meaningful things that matters to you people.  Do not hesitate and doubt.  Light the fire of union-ness between you and your loved one.  After all, what is life without living it with the one who fills your heart.  Its all about togetherness, belonging-ness and being with the one that you loved who fulfills your highest ideals of love -- an achievement indeed, people!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wishing On A Star

"I'm wishing on a star; To follow where you are; I'm wishing on a dream;  To follow what it means; And I wish on all the rainbows that I see; I wish on all the people who really dream; And I'm wishing on tomorrow, praying it'll comes; And I'm wishing on all the lovin' we've ever done; I never thought I'd see; A time when you would be; So far away from home; So far away from me" -- Rose Royce

Once in a while you may want to be by your own and ponder about the universe.  The sky is the most intriguing, most spectacular and the most attractive to one's eyes and soul.  The stars have always been my most favoured object of the universe.  It signifies hope and wishes that come true.  Night time is a time where the body and soul of a person take its time off to rest and to ponder on what has been done during the day time.  And, it is a time to make a wish.  A time to pray for the wish to come true.  This month is the month for Muslims to make prayers and wishes.  It is the spirit of the special month for the believers to succumb themselves to God and make their wishes and pray for it.  It has been said by many wise men that to be close to God is to observe nature and learned from it.    To be able to live with nature is the best way of life.  To learn from nature is the highest wisdom that is attainable by an honest soul that is so full of love and tenderness.

I am wishing on a star tonight.  I am making such wishing because I am praying for my star to come home and be near to me.  So that, my pondering towards the beauty of the universe and the time to learn from nature can be shared with my star. 

Together, the best of things can be made real - RR.