Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking But Not Really Seeing

I read from somewhere that said " what you heard or said about  love are all the surface of the skin; because, the essence of love is the Unspoken Secret."  And this description is most applicable in a relationship between a husband and  wife.  After reading this statement, I asked myself, really?  Is that so ?  How can love between a man and a woman and for that matter between husband and wife can be so an unspoken secret?

You see people, I am all for secrets in relation to your marital interactive activities of you and your partner from the outside world or any third party.  But, to say generally like that,  that the essence or the real meaning of love is "unspoken secret", to me is like putting too much burden on love.  Okay, lets ask this question, what is the unspoken secret?  I think you know what I think is the answer.  Of course the reply will be, "Its an unspoken secret, so, any answer is forbidden."  I can laugh out loud people!  Seriously, come on...

Okay, lets be fair.  Lets re-read and think on the truest meaning and intention of such statement.  I think what the author was trying to say is,  love has many stories that you don't want others to know because it is private matters between husband and wife, the meaningful and the essential parts of course; so, the couple are expected to know through their guts feelings what the other partner is thinking and feeling and by the look of the eyes they can fathom and understood each other.  Is this the situation?  Who wants to live in this kind of relationship by the way?    When everything is unspoken secret.  What is the message, I wonder.  Why Asians love secrets so much.  Everything must be unspoken and must remain a secret.  Don't you think this is a burdensome relationship? 

I will support open communication and interaction environment for couple.  I promote honest and sincere heart to heart talk with your partner.  I  encourage easy and warm emotional understanding within your natural enclosure for a healthy marital development.  And, if your marriage to your partner is the best example to others within your circle of friends and society, why not share your secret of success with others !  Sharing knowledge for the good of others and beneficial to the people that we love, will bring more love and happiness to you.

I suppose, too much keeping things in the dark is not a wise move in a marital relationship or even between a man and a woman in a love relationship.  Honesty is a virtue.  True and meaningful love in its purest and most sincere state  must be relayed openly before, during and after.   The simplest philosophy would be, do things as honestly as possible so as to be fair to the other loved one.   For a man and a woman in love will do anything for his/her love.  And, will express it to show and tell her/him of such willingness.

People remember this -- Life is too beautiful to keep it a secret.

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