Wednesday, February 15, 2017

mandala in organic cotton wonderful!

Here is now 2017.

see that sunshine
feel that breeze

there will be times when listening to the radio one could swear that the story told was about oneself.
and, with it, comes the memories of yesteryear.

they said that soulmates will be tied forever.
the knot will never sever.
perhaps, it is true.

where are you now my soulmate?
the fields of barley are now ripe in golden shower.

a walk in the fields would be lovely.


ahh..! such wishful thoughts.
hinder will it be for the walk to be.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kasih Hatiku Hilang

"Inginku nyanyikan lagu
inginku ceritakan rahsiaku
tapi ku berduka hidup merana
kau hilang jauh dimata...

tak dapat  lagi ku berkata
tak dapat lagiku bercerita
nasibku malang
hati tak senang
kasih hatiku hilang...

boleh kah kita semula
mengikat janji setia
lupakan segala luka yang menyala
sama hidup bergembira

Hidup didunia ini 
berselisih memang tak sunyi
marilah bersama
senangkan dihati
semoga hidup berseri"

alas....and they say soulmates will last forever...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Walk of a Hundred Miles

And I took the long walk
Of a hundred miles
For a hundred sixty days
In that summer days and autumn

And I took that hundred miles walk
Because I was not alone
Because Socrates said "I will walk along with you with my walking stick"
And the sun smiled while the wind blew

What a walk it was
What a journey it gave
Who could not help but to envy
Of me who had the fortune of walking that hundred miles

O you who walked the walk
From whence had you come
Did you hear of me from the distance nowhere
How could one so far and away hear my voice
A siren I was not

O one who walked the hundred miles
Parted were we at the frontier
The paths divide and lead to north and east
Wonder of when the path will cross
The reminder of you many to found
My humble gratitude for such memories.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

In a nutshell ...

In a nutshell marriage is like a planet, not a satellite, where the leader must have a deputy to manage and nurture his land together without fail and without frail for the prosperous-ness of the land so as to give sustenance to his offspring and all under his care and that will absolutely depend on the health of his land to provide such sustenance thus, the earth must be let to work well with all the five elements which the satellite is devoid of.

In understanding such chain of reasons and causes, we all must care for it with all the love we have in our heart and wise minds that we posses under the guidance of our faith.

After all, what is the meaning of living on earth if not for the sole purpose of returning to heaven.

While we are still standing on this planet earth, we might as well live in harmony with all the five elements for to live in peace of mind and heart will lead to higher realm man of faith.

Hence, make peace, people.  Stop war.  Leave behind ill faith.

Love to all and happy marriage everybody.

Monday, October 21, 2013

manakah impian hati ku ..

... melancholic is the name of the game..

manakah impian hati ku
sungguh lama ku mencari mu
disaksi bintang seribu
tiada berita diawan yang lalu
kau ku nanti oh dewa hati
segeralah sayang segera ke sini
manakah impian hatiku
usah biar ku tertunggu tunggu
hingga bila ketahun mana
sanggup kau hampakan daku
manakah impian hatiku ...