Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heaven Knows

When you are feeling like there is no one standing on your side, when you are feeling there is no hope for you, when you are lost all alone in this cold and cruel world, there will be someone who suddenly appears before you just as if godsend to you.   Something like a preordained crossing of paths and there is the person, your saviour, your hope and perhaps, your dream comes true somebody. 

This phenomena can happen to anybody, people.  A dear friend of mine who suffers from a serious illness but recovered from it, thought that due to her illness she may not be able to find a life partner, ever.  She believed in that belief.  But, people, heaven knows better.  She met her soulmate one day.  Out from just no where, he came to her life.  She is living a happy life with her loved one.  A life that was unthinkable to her a year before.

Life is meaningful when we continue having hopes and dreams.  Such are the elements in pursue of happiness, people.  Because, what matters in the end is the sharing of life with your important someone who fills your heart, mind and soul perfectly in harmony and in full understanding of each other's needs, dos and don'ts and stay together till the end.  All other matters are just things outside your inner circle.  They are important but not as important as your own happiness. 

A relationship built on true love and wonderful friendship are built to last, people.  Lucky are those who have found this fountain of eternal love and eternal flame of love of a man and a woman.

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