Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Me??

Yes, ladies. Why me will always be the BIG question when you are already in a marriage relationship.

Why my husband go for other woman? Why other man fall for me when I'm already belonged? Why there is no true love? Why my soul mate never appears?  Why it will always be me doing all the dirty chores in the house?  Why is it always me who don't have the time to chill out with favourite friends?  Why it is always him who got the freedom  to come and go as he pleases, making the home as his hotel for sleep and change? Why it is always me who is suffering in silence?  Why when bad things happen in the house it will always be when he is not around? Why. Why. Oh... why?

Unfortunately, you will have to find the answers yourself.  Its like self-help thingy, you know.  Like the many DIY shops around your area nowadays.  A Do-It-Yourself solution finding.  That is the price for living in this modern individualistic capitalist world.  And yet, there are many so-called feminist groups out there working themselves hard to achieve the so-called gender equality-- wonder what that means..