Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Love Sketsa

Let's celebrate together-ness and intimate-ness for the sake of Love! With this fantastic song to be sang along together.  I absolutely love this song and it makes me sing with all my heart every time I hear it.  This song is a slow rock genre.  Such a fabulous song.  C'mon people, let's celebrate!

The Lyrics:

Oh kekasih hatiku selamanya
Keindahan maya itu milik kita
Terciptalah sebuah cinta
Jiwa sama bergelora

Kau lah satu dalam hidupku ini
Penawar dikala rindu
Kan kucurahkan sepenuh cintaku
padamu oh kasihku...

Akanku bina istana untuk kita
dan menikmati gelombang cinta
Didadaku dan didadamu
Tergumpal seiring irama

Ayuh ku pimpinkan tanganmu
Menuju mahligai bahgia
Kitak bersama emngecap nikmat cinta
Hidup bagai disyurga...

The video:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beautiful Words, Beautiful Heart and Mind

Greetings People!

I have a piece of advice to those pairs of couple who are still living in a marital bonding, please mind your words to your spouse.  I want to particularly advice the husband folks.  Be kind to your wife, will you.  Ill words hurt.  Hurt the heart and the mind.  Ill words will decay the love thermometer of your wife. Ill words uttered in the midst of a quarrel will germinate ill faith in your wife's heart and mind. To be exact, bad words coming from a bad mouth are elements for the germination of a disastrous husband-wife relationship! Do you understand what I am saying here, husband folks?  Oh yes, this article is specifically addressed to the married male kinds.  Why? Because you, married men folks,  love to abuse your wife verbally whenever the situation suits you.  Of course I am talking about facts.  And facts do not lie. I will not go into the details but, please bear in mind, ill words are tantamount to mental abuse.  And mental abuse is one legal reason to file a divorce.  Why spend all good energy to destroy something you have built? Yes? Besides, ill words are like killing-it-softly that affection your wife has over you.  Why kill, men folks?  Why built then kill.  Why built then destroy?  

Embrace kindness and gentleness.  Guide not patronize.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kasih = Love

I was wandering in the 'net jungle earlier and discovered this wonderful song.  Somehow, I felt that this number is dedicated to me.  I, particularly, loved this line :

"When you touch someone with your spirit, and in turn they touch your soul with their heart."

It was a long long time ago since one's heart was touched, so dearly.  How true these words are, "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale."  Indeed, life is all about the affairs of the heart.  The realm of life is the memories of feelings.  Impossible to erase.

Whoever you are, it really pleases me to have this song for myself, this rainy night.
Mucho mucho gracias, mi amigo!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Banang Mountain

Selat Melaka lautnya tenang
Disitulah banyak berlabuh perahu Bugis
Orang yang jauh jangan dikenang
Kalau dikenang menangis tentu menangis.

Asalnya kapas menjadi benang
Benang ditenun hai kain menjadi kain
Orang dilepas jangan dikenang
Sudah menjadi hai lain si-orang lain...