Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Reservoir of Hope and Love

Where can you find the reservoir of hope and love? Is it in your purse? The mansion at the country club? Or, at the mall?

The reservoir of hope and love is a place where happy-ness is waiting to be embraced. That's where true love awaits you. In living this life which is so mundane and colourless, we tend to be blinded from the beauty around us as given by our Creator to give benefit and peace to us that will enhance our way of living so that we shall prosper in preparation for the new generations entire.

The reservoir of hope and love is where two people find ways to open up their hearts and discover that there is no limit to one's imaginations. The reservoir of hope and love can be found everywhere,anywhere and anytime.

My reservoir of hope and love is there, under the big coconut tree near the green-blue lake sitting with the love of my life in silence and one with nature. In peace I found true love.

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