Sunday, October 10, 2010


The worst stage in one's life will be the failure of oneself to achieve the union of one's love as the apex of success in love and in showing the world of one's precious of the heart.  It has been said that to know love one must knew pain.  But some say love is pain.  It has been said in a popular song that the purest of pain is love indeed.  How can one describe pain is love and love is pain.  It intertwined and it is an indescribable pain.  How could one believe this notion of pain and love as two in one.  Must one  posses when one loved?  Must love comes with possession?  But some say to love truly is to let go and if the loved one returns he belongs to you.  Some even said that to be loved and to love are miracles.  Something so unbelievably special to the heart and the emotion that one just could not tell it in the most right words.  That one need to express that feelings through touch and senses. Words will no longer fulfill the needs of love.  Is that true?  I am very inclined to believe it is so.

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