Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How's the weather forecast on politics and marriage?

The weather has not been fine for many many weeks now. It has been a series of scorching  hot days lately and one dread about going out of one's cave anytime before 5pm. What is it about weather and politics and marriage?  I don't know.  Perhaps, its about how politics is everywhere in your life that exist in your domestic living habitation and exist too at your work place and within the community that you belong to.

Have you ever thought of politics in your marriage life.  Politics in  your relationship with your spouse.  Its about power struggle between the 'He' and the 'Her'.  Its about who conquers who.  On who has the veto power and who has the upper hand in influencing the other members of the family.  Sometimes, the situation can get wicked.  It'll reach a stage where, one will control the whole administration of the perimeter of the marriage to the extent that one will dictate what the other one can do and can have and can befriend at certain specified time and day and season.  Have you seen the movie "The Joy Luck Club"?  Its about four Chinese women who migrated to San Francisco after the 2nd World War.  A very sad story.  Its about survival.  Its about politics between man and woman.  Its about maneuvering strategy for being empowered and obtaining empowerment.  Its about how to love, learn to love and re-learn to love.  Its about life, of what is the essence of life and what is the good thing about life.  Its all about human beings interacting amongst each other and with each other, surrounding the politics at the home front.

So, whats the weather forecast on the politics of your marriage today? Scorching hot?

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