Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Rapids

There are times when things just get entangled with each other until it become so messed-up its just impossible to be straightened anymore.  Its when you are deep in  a serious crisis.  You have reached the rapids in your river of life.  Things just move at ultra pace with many danger zones at every corner you go.  The situation will get nasty if you were ambushed by your enemy.  The only solution is to find your way out, fast.

When you are working to re-build a marriage that has come to the stage of irretrievable situation, the rapids situation will be the environment for you to face.  But, steadfast is the keyword here.  Be sure of your own strength, continue moving forward and do not turn back.  The ultimate goal is to achieve peaceful resolution to the crisis and the irretrievable marriage issue in the most amicable way possible.  A broken marriage is the ultimate situation where finalization of the determination of the marriage is the consideration for all concerns.  Is this the part where marriage is built?  Yes. Your new marriage.  If you are on for it.

Alright, you may be thinking and ask these questions "but isn't this blog about building a marriage? Whats this talk about crisis and determination of a marriage?  Sounds like destroying to me."   Well, you are absolutely right!  There are times people where the building that you have built has some defective works in it.  Building built not following the standard specifications of the builders and the quantity surveyors have confirmed these building defects.  And, from the professional findings, your building is no longer safe for human habitation. What are you to do? Continue living in that building when it is no longer safe to do so.  And continue to be stubborn just because your ego is bigger than your brain even though your life is in danger?  Decision and decision must be made for the sake of your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Split and let go.  Go easy on your ego.  Keep your self dignity but let go your arrogance.  It is the beginning of the end.  The end must prevail in this situation.  Did I mention 'destroy' at my home page?  You need to destroy bad karma in order to possess good karma.  Think positive.  If your spouse is not health hazardous to you, mentally and physically, perhaps, you may opt to continue living your life with him-her.  If the situation is the other way around, the exit is the only avenue to consider.

You do not want to get stuck in the rapids longer than you should.  Its a danger zone.  Get out while you can.

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