Friday, August 27, 2010

So what....?

Yes, you will want to ask that kind of question once in  a while.  Right?  You know people, others would always want to question you whether what you have done is right or wrong, whether what  road you want to take is what you really want or  really need at this moment, whether you have think things over carefully and holistically, whether this is what you really wanted, whether you have think about all others around your life before you take that leap in your life.  These may be regarded as the well intention questions by those who are concerned with you.  Still, what is it that matters to you, people?  Grown-ups are supposed to know what they are doing, why they are doing it and for what objective, right?

These questions will leave you thinking for days on end. And for what?  Exhaustion on end, I would say.  Well, perhaps one should adopt the attitude of a wise old woman then, do your thinking for few days people and thereafter, make your so-called wise decision on any matter that is of importance to you.   Forget about the rest, if you must.  Things got to move on people.  You can't stay stagnant forever.  And, if they still question your move, just say, "So what?"  Savvy.

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