Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Walk of a Hundred Miles

And I took the long walk
Of a hundred miles
For a hundred sixty days
In that summer days and autumn

And I took that hundred miles walk
Because I was not alone
Because Socrates said "I will walk along with you with my walking stick"
And the sun smiled while the wind blew

What a walk it was
What a journey it gave
Who could not help but to envy
Of me who had the fortune of walking that hundred miles

O you who walked the walk
From whence had you come
Did you hear of me from the distance nowhere
How could one so far and away hear my voice
A siren I was not

O one who walked the hundred miles
Parted were we at the frontier
The paths divide and lead to north and east
Wonder of when the path will cross
The reminder of you many to found
My humble gratitude for such memories.