Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Golden Trophy

I am feeling the blues today folks.  I just couldn't put my finger at what is it that I am looking for and why I am looking for it.  I am playing the mental game today.  To please myself perhaps.  Or, to hide away from the reality of the harsh and cruel world around me.  Wishing that the sunshine will blind my eyesight so that I don't have to see the view that I hate to see. The thing is, I am always wishing and wishing and hoping and hoping for the one matter that I have been dreaming of, all of my life. Yup, can see it now.  There it is, the golden trophy of my heart.

What exactly is that? The Golden Trophy?  That will be the love of your life, your soul mate, the one that you have been looking for to walk with you in the fields of gold.  Yes folks, LOVE again.  Come on people, essentially Love is what made this world goes around.  You simply cannot deny the gravity of importance that word Love brings.  Its everywhere in life.  Particularly, a paramount element in your marriage life.   

Question again?  What if your spouse is not your soul mate?  Just another he and she, you know the ordinary kind of relationship.  Good if you can define the type of relationship that you are in right now.  It will help you in focusing on the next step to do i.e. how to make your life with your spouse more meaningful and contain more love.  The answer is, work on it people.  Work to make your marriage life a better living space and time for both of you.  Do not stop working.  Continue working on it while both of you are at it.  If however, only one party is working towards making the marriage a blissfully happy and loving kind of world, time to think again has come.  Do your bits.  Make it work again.  And, if you are tired of working all alone, find a way out.

As for me, it seems like I have found my golden trophy.  The journey has begun for me to take it and hold it in my arms as tightly as I can.  I'm out of the blue now.

Happy Golden Day people.

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