Friday, June 3, 2011

Avec My Love ...

Lonely standing still yonder in the moor
High up there alone in the middle of the moor
Looking up in the grey sky
The sun is hiding today high up in the middle of the moor
why... even the creak in the middle of the moor runs lazily
Pondering , maybe
Daydreaming, should be
Longing, must be
Still standing there within the blanket bog mires
... within the cotton grasses and the thorn scrubs
Only these
No one else
Not even a ram or an ewe in sight
Can you smell the air
So crisp clears the mind
the soul
fresh air in my face
Am I
wishing and wishful
at peace
Ahh...the Cloud is heavily set today; the Sun is out of sight
grey is the colour ...
lovely it is
this moor
though its grey
because in the mist yonder; I can see the silhouette of my love
He is here.


  1. Avec my Love ... joyeux trés heureux Anniversaire ma grande Soeur Chérie, ne sois pas triste ... je suis toujours là a t'écoutais dan le silence ... pour toujours!

    Millions des grosses bises de ma part pour toi ma grande Soeur Chérie.

  2. my dearest sister ... cinta di dalam hati itu umpamanya taman didalam jiwa, begitulah keadaannya pabila jiwa dan raga menjadi seperti warna warni pelangi.. sajak diatas adalah rasa didalam jiwa yang sememangnya mencintai ... soulmate yang akhirnya ditemui