Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Garden

There is my spring garden
so green it lays under the blue sky
basking in the bright afternoon
so bright the sun that it blinded my eyes
still, i could see you .. my spring garden
so green, so red, so purple 
yes... so appealing to the eyes and the senses

Stay there my spring garden
do not wither away
even when autumn peek its nose upon you in September

Spring garden spring garden
you brought colours in my life
you brought sweet smells to my home
you brought with you the dreams i dare not dream in winter

Spring garden spring garden
drive away my sadness when he never comes
drive away the wrinkles of sadness when he never calls
drive away the eyes of sadness when he never write anymore
drive away the grey hairs of waiting.....

Spring garden spring garden
lift me from all these weary of delays
perhaps tomorrow
he will come .

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