Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Sun is the Answer

The question as I can recall; since the day you posed it
The answer is only a simple one, my friend
Why must my body be covered with thorns you asked

Why not my dear ...
perhaps it is there so that not any Tom Dick or Harry can pluck or come near me
Or Jack of all trade; who would want these persons come by and disturb one's life uninvited
Or, to keep me from that plain Jane from simply sniffing on my elegant ripples of soft amber flush petals

But, it is not so that reason, dear friend
They are only my prickles my spines ... my precious adored accessoire
Just like your hands and your feet, accessories to your wonderfully structured body, dear friend

My spines prick and prick and prick
Bringing this material of organized substance, the realist me up towards the blue sky
towards my love, the Sun
They prick and prick and prick until I could reach the top of the roof of your home, dear friend
I must reach the sky so blue and so true, my friend
For my true love, the Sun, has been waiting since so long ago

Have you not a little sorrow to share with me , my friend
For without my prickles my spines life is pale and cold for me
For, I would not be able to reach out and hold the warmth of my love, the Sun
And, at night, I would be left lonely and in darkness
for, I could not reach out and be up there with my friends, the Moon and the Stars ...

Don't you know my friend, that the Sun the Moon and the Stars are siblings of the truest blood
They vowed to wait for me
to care for me
to be there standing on the alley when I reach the sky to be with my beloved Sun

My friend
My prickles my spine are my needs to bring me up there to be with my love
You must help me dear friend
Help me climb your roof so I could be with my love
so that this sadness;
this despair;
this loneliness;
this hope;
this glory of emotions; can be told to my love

Will you give me your words;
lend me your strength;
show me your smile;
and lift me to the sky, my friend

For as beautiful I am to the eyes of the audience
I live a life of alone-ness
Though, so strong and fierce I may look
I am a fragile and tender at heart
For so sweet my fragrance from afar to you
I keep the best of me within my soul and being , waiting
waiting for the day when this exquisite parfum will engulf my love and me in the most tremendous moment of our life ...

Can you now understand me, my friend
Can you now keep this secret I share with you
Can you now forever be my truest friend
Can you smile for me all through the days and weeks and months
And not to shed a tear when I reach the day of union with my love

You promise me these, my friend ...
I will be your true friend for life.

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