Thursday, May 5, 2011

How I Love Thee

Love thee,
     like the wisteria in love with the bees
     like the rose alone in the green field
     like the pink asters in the morning sun in spring
     like arum  wavering in the windy afternoon
     like begonia lonely in the moonlit night
     like carnation near that creak ... waiting in silence

Love thee; i have become
     the balsam
     the gardenia
     the geranium
     the heliotrope
     the hibiscus

Love thee i do
love thee is Globe Amaranth

love thee i have no king's spear; no laburnum; no manchineel

love thee i wouldn't want it a mimosa

love thee is laurel, is magnolia, is Orange Blossoms...

i am now the Peach Blossoms
forever at the mercy of thou gerbera.


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