Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Clashes of the spouses at the height of a crisis can be a daunting experience to some.  There will be many aspects of one's life that will become major concerns to both spouses but , one of them may look at their many issues in marriage from different viewpoint altogether collided against each other's views that could rise to negating effect ultimately.  How can it be not possible for any one of them to easily misunderstood the feelings, inner feelings, inner emotional flows of the other against another, the misconstrued perspective upon the conducts of the other when all in all it will come back to the pertinent issue of the attitude and the degree of intellectual plus emotional quality and quantity of the couple.  Whats with all these uncertainties of behaviour and conducts, instability of emotional well being and whats with all these emotional guarantee and warranty?  Whats its all about?  Why is the human relationship become so difficult a subject to fathom and to digest?  Why is it so unreachable to get to that harmony of relationship?

I have been doing readings of the body and words and conduct of  persons in my life for all my life, folks.  Still, I learn.  Learning and learning.  Going round and round the fields, the lakes, the roads, the hills, the rivers, the forest....... forever and ever.  When one reached the city border, one decided to get excited for one was thinking one has reached the civilisation.  Alas! one was dragged back to the darkness of learning, yet again.  Even, when one has declared one's truthful inner desires and soulful searches of one's dreams, one is still being dragged to the bottom of the pond. 

It is because, whats in one's heart is not one is in possession of.  All due to one's divine devotion to one's worldly holdings obtained through divine oath.  Not that that divine oath one cannot elude from, its just that one is still entrapped by that divine oath that one is not being capable of disengaging oneself at least not in the near foresight.  Its like torn between two worlds.  One is torn between the holdings and the desire to be free like birds in the sky.  Life is simple.  But the construction of it is complex.  What is left but time.

Though, one is in near death to be within the vicinity of one's Taj Mahal ....

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