Friday, February 10, 2012

Words & Love.

"the time for putting the alphabets on the surface of the blank slab and the utterance of more words  for others to hear and understand has long past..
to find meaning in what one is doing is forever ongoing; the demands for more words of meaning are deafening at times."

I am uttering the feelings of being at lost with words when all that's needed to be said have all been said.  All the time that have been spent in the cave of 'getting-to-know-thee' 'knowing me-knowing you' have taken all the energy of one who has made it an objective as his or her effort to know 'love'.

In other words, I am saying that one will be at a lost of purpose if one continues to have a relationship purely and solely based on words spoken through machine transmission per se can be the most taxing process if such process runs for months and months without any certainty of ever meeting the subject of one's attention eye to eye!  It is a true test of perseverance and loyalty indeed.  Have any of you people expedience such a relationship?  Rarely, no?

Building is indeed an uphill task for many.  Identifying the type of building to build, the design, the landscape and the  materials to use are all mind boggling exercise.  But how can we avoid such complex process of the human uttermost important part of his her life? Avoid it as much as you want to but you can never be able to run away from it.  As, the essence of life is LOVE. No one can run away from love. Have you ever tried people?  Tell me if any of you have indeed done it.

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