Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Crying Rock

That rock
sitting near the hills
hugging the betel-nut trees and the ferns
smiling as the sun's ray showers over him

That hills
looking down the valley
waterfalls running smoothly into the rock pool
the water ripples and sways with the wind

That rock
beside him the spring water appears
spring water and rock
become friends
best friends
wonderful friends
learned to love
side by side
every day
every night
every moon
every sun
every rain

one day
the rock wonders
why suddenly the  spring water no more there
so dry
so quiet
no more songs of water flowing
no more life..

Is it summer?
a drought comes a visiting?
but isn't it winter still?
even if it is summer time, spring water never leave..
why you leave me..
what did i do wrong?
did i say something wrong?
where have yesterdays gone..

That rock

Still the spring water keeps her silent
without leaving foot prints.

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