Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why the long face, love?

Why the long face, love?
The night is warm... the stars are out playing in the black sky
The moon is showing its shines in that glowing crescent,
Then, why put that long face, love?
Is it because of the mist you saw this morning
spreading its grey blanket over the golden field
Is it because of that big fluffy clouds
Crawling upon your big old willow tree near the pond
bringing with it the big dark shadows 
making your eyes blinded from seeing the bees and the butterflies

There is no need for the long face, love
The world is sad as it is
The sun is piping hot as it is
The rain will come no matter what
The scirocco will blow come what may 

Put on your smile, love
Put on that fetching face, love
The one that I love so much
The one that makes my heart melt like erupted volcanoes it becomes

For I have not seen it for a long long time, love
You can say that I missed that smile that fetching face like Shah Jehan missing his Mumtaz 
And the waiting is like Adam searching for Eve and met at last near the Hill of  Rahmah
Or do you wish the meeting at the Mount of Mercy, love?

Come love
Put off that long face
Come love
Bring on the rainbows 
Rainbows that showed in pairs in Rotorua's dreamy forest
Even in rain the sun will shine
Even in darkness the moon will shine

Why the long face, love?

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