Friday, April 26, 2013 is strange is so strange indeed... Why oh why. I cannot understand the mysteries anymore.. Why be in love the way of the 21st century? It is burdensome to your shoulders to carry. But still you carry on to shoulder it.  Perhaps, the sun is still shining, the moon will always be bright, every night and the wind will keep on blowing, that is why. And I suppose, the songs keep on playing.  That's why....persistent memories.

The date

I was wrong so many times till this point and I already know it
that today almost certainly
I am wrong on your behalf but one more time
what can change in my life
accept this strange date
was madness
I am sad between the people
that go by me
but the nostalgia to see you again
is more powerful than crying
this sun lights up on my face
a sign of hope
I am waiting when suddenly
I will see you appear from affar
Love, hurry up, I can't resist...
if you don't arrive I don't exist
I don't exist,I don't exist...
the weather has changed and it rains
but I keep on waiting
I don't care what the world thinks of me
I don't want to go away
I look inside me and I ask
but I don't hear anything
I am only a left-over of hope
lost between the people
Love it's already late and I don't resist
if you don't arrive I don't exist
I don't exist, I don't exist
lights, cars, shop-windows, roads/streets
everything gets mixed up in my mind
my shadow is tired to follow me
the day dies slowly
There is nothing else left than going back home
to my sad life
this life that I wanted to give to you
you have crumbled her between your fingers
Love, excuse me but I can't resist
now forever I don't exist
I don't exist, I don't exist...

~~ enta omri 


  1. Hi love for life.

    No , am not. Not in the sense of the above song. More on reflections in life . M no more in the age for that kind of love :) Bye bye love